10 Easter crafts for toddlers you have to try

Did you love Easter as a kid?

I did.

Not because of all of the crafts we did (we didn’t do any), but because I loved the thrill of waking up on Easter morning to find eggs hidden all over our house.

That, and my Mum always bought us a little gift for Easter.

Which was probably to make up for the fact that she never did Easter crafts with us, with the exception of letting us decorate eggs a couple of times, which isn’t all that exciting, you know?

Anyway, I’ve started searching for some easy Easter crafts for toddlers I can do with my 3-year-old that don’t involve food dye and egg yolks, and I’ve come up with some pretty awesome ideas.

I particularly love numbers 2, 6, and 10!

If you're looking for kids crafts to keep your toddlers from climbing the walls on cold, snowy afternoons, check out these ADORABLE Easter crafts for toddlers! They are great boredom busters and make great Easter gifts for grandparents, too!

1. Get out the paint smocks and try this cute bunny rabbit hand print craft by Sassy Dealz.

2. Before you clean up the mess, roll up your sleeves and make one of these adorable paper plate footprint bunnies by Handprint and Footprint Art.

3. Have some tissue paper handy? Then sit your kids down and make some of these ‘upcycled’ Easter eggs by The Suburban Mom.

4. Add some spring into your child’s step with this hilarious lucky rabbit feet craft by Spoonful!

5. Forget the bunnies and eggs and make this cute carrot collage by No Time for Flash Cards.

6. Grab some colorful buttons and glue and try this awesome rainbow button Easter egg by Feels Like Home!

7. Need an excuse to buy some marshmallows? I do! And that’s why I’m bookmarking this marshmallow Easter egg by No Time for Flash Cards.

8. Save your old toilet paper rolls and try this funny bunnies Easter craft by Mum of One.

9. Before your throw your egg cartons in the recycling box, check out this cute and easy Easter egg carton chicks craft by Paper, Plate, and Plane.

10. Want to make something you can keep forever? Then get out the photo album and cotton balls and try this adorable little bunnies craft by Thriving Home.

What are YOUR favorite Easter crafts for toddlers?

If you’re looking for more fun, engaging, and educational kids crafts, activities, and boredom busters to help you have more fun with your kids, check out my Fun With Kids board below!

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