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Nine 90s Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths | From butterfly clips and claw clips, to mom jeans and overalls, to cargo pants and doc martens, 90s trends are making a comeback in a BIG way. If hairstyles are your jam, there are tons of easy ways to add a little 90s flare to your locks, and we've curated 9 of the best! Whether you're looking for 90s styles for short hair, for medium hair, or for long hair, this post has step-by-step hair tutorials to teach you how to recreate these looks from home! Beauty

Nine 90s Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths That Are The Bomb

90s hairstyles are making a comeback. Fun and iconic, 90s hairstyles urge us to get creative with accessories, and do more than the effortless hairstyles …

60 Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes | Whether you follow a strict vegan diet, or you're on the hunt for healthy desserts with healthy sugar substitutes, this post is exactly what you need! We've curated the best vegan desserts which are easy to make and oh-so-delicious! We've included a mix of options to support your weight loss goals, including sugar-free, keto, and low calorie dessert recipes. From no bake cookies to sugar free chocolate cake, these recipes won't disappoint! Desserts

Vegan Vibes: 60 Incredibly Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes Worth Trying

Craving a vegan treat? Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or you’re looking to incorporate more vegan foods into your diet, these vegan dessert recipes …

11 April Fool's Day Pranks for Kids | If you're looking for fun and easy practical jokes to play on your kids or students - or for your kids or students to play on their parents, siblings, friends, or teachers - this post has lots of great ideas to inspire you! Most of these work as last minute pranks, and they offer a bit of light-hearted humor without being mean-spirited. We have options for groups and for families, and you may even use some of these for work - they are really funny! Family

Gotcha! 11 Fun and Easy April Fool’s Day Pranks for Kids

While I’m not a fan of practical jokes, there are tons of easy April Fool’s Day pranks for kids that help make the day fun …

36 Easy Rice Krispie Recipes | If you're looking for simple Rice Krispie recipes you can make with your kids, you're in for a treat! Whether you prefer original Rice Krispie squares, need a healthy dessert upgrade that won't blow your daily macros, or want to go balls to the wall with chocolate and/or peanut butter Rice Krispie treats, we have a recipe for you! From cookies and cream, to salted caramel, to cookie dough, to peanut butter chocolate crunch bars there's something here for everyone! Desserts

Snap, Crackle, Pop! 36 Family-Friendly Rice Krispie Recipes To Try

If you’re looking for simple Rice Krispie recipes you can make with your kids, you’re in for a treat! Whether you prefer plain Rice Krispie …

6 Spring Nail Art Ideas | Can't make it to the salon? Want to give yourself a DIY manicure at home? This post has everything you need! We're sharing 9 home manicure essentials and products, plus 6 step-by-step nail art tutorials that are perfect for spring! From monochrome nails, to an easy French manicure for beginners, to geometric nails, to cherry nail designs, these nail art videos are equal parts easy and gorgeous! Beauty

Nails Before Males: 6 DIY Spring Nail Art Ideas We Love

On the hunt for spring nail art ideas you can do at home? Giving yourself a manicure is a self care activity that will make …

15 Housewarming Gift Ideas | Whether a close friend just rented her first apartment, a relative just bought their first home, or you've been invited to a housewarming party for a couple who just moved in together, this post has the best housewarming gift ideas for singles, couples, and families. These gifts go above and beyond traditional baskets and while some are practical, others make for unique, thoughtful, and meaningful keepsakes. Gift Guides

Home Sweet Home: 15 Housewarming Gift Ideas Everyone Needs

Moving into a new home is a big milestone that deserves to be celebrated. Whether you’re moving to a new city, new neighbourhood or just …