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How to Apply Makeup to Oily Skin | If you suffer from greasy skin, and need oily skin care routine tips and hacks to help you maintain a dewy, natural glow without a greasy complexion, this post is for you! We're sharing our best beauty hacks to teach you how to apply makeup for your skin type so you can look and feel your best. We've included our favorite budget-friendly drugstore products, application techniques, and skincare tips to ensure your makeup stays put all day long. Beauty

How to Apply Makeup to Oily Skin: 11 Tips & Techniques

Dewy, glowing skin may be a hot skin care trend right now, but there’s a difference between donning a natural glow and having a greasy …

14 Hair Washing Tips for All Hair Lengths | Whether you have straight, curly, dry, frizzy, oily, or greasy hair, finding a good hair washing routine can take your locks from dull and lifeless to healthy, strong, and shiny. This post has tons of tips and hair hacks to teach you how to wash your hair properly according to your hair type. If you want to know how to grow your hair, prevent split ends, and/or banish frizz on humid days, this post has all the deets - tips, products, and more! Beauty

How to Wash Your Hair: 14 Hair Washing Tips for All Hair Lengths

Washing your hair properly can totally transform your hair. And depending on your hair type and texture, you could be doing it all wrong. Using …

11 Tips to Manage Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder | Similar to PTSD, PPSD is characterized by symptoms such as increased anxiety, mood changes, social withdrawal, insomnia, and negative thought patterns. While it's not yet a recognized mental health condition, this anxiety disorder is taking the world by storm. If the trauma of the last 2 years has left you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and hopeless, give some of these coping strategies a try! Anxiety

Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder: 11 Tips to Manage Pandemic Anxiety

With the new variant Omicron making its rounds across the globe, we are far from seeing the end of this pandemic nightmare. According to the …

10 Tips to Survive Sleep Regressions | Whomever coined the phrase 'sleep like a baby' did NOT know what they were talking about, am I right? This post is a great intro to baby sleep regressions, outlining the ages they occur (4 months, 8 months, and 18 months) plus 10 helpful baby sleep tips to help your little one get a good night of sleep and get back onto a predictable sleep schedule as quickly as possible. If you're a sleep deprived new parent, this post is a great resource! Family

Surviving Sleep Regressions: 10 Sleep Tips for Tired Parents

Nothing is more valuable than a good night’s sleep. For most parents, getting your little one to sleep through the night is worthy of a …

How to Apply Makeup to Dry Skin | If you have dry and flakey skin and want to know how to apply foundation, how to apply concealer and more without making problem skin worse, this post is for you! We've including the best drugstore dry skin products, as well as makeup application tips and step-by-step tutorials for hydrated, moisturized, and glowing skin. Perfect for those in need of a winter skincare routine as well as those with mature skin, these tips and ideas work! Beauty

How to Apply Makeup to Dry Skin: 11 Tips, Tutorials and Products

Dealing with dry skin is a winter woe that many of us know too well. Not only is winter air dry, the air that comes …

10 Tips to Improve HRV | If you're looking for tips to help improve your heart rate variability, this post is just what you need! We're answering all of your questions - What is a normal HRV for your age? Should you do high-intensity interval training or yoga? Is intermittent fasting for you? What should you eat? How much should you sleep? Click to learn which lifestyle factors affect heart rate variability, and how you can give your HRV a boost naturally. General Health

Heart Rate Variability 101: 10 Tips to Improve HRV 

Heart rate variability (HRV) is quickly climbing the health charts as the best predictor of your overall health, fitness, and longevity. Monitoring your individual HRV …