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48 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes | Sweet potatoes offer so many health benefits - they're rich in Vitamin A, full of fiber, great for gut health, and aid with weight loss to boot! If you're looking for easy ways to cook sweet potatoes, we've curated the best recipes to try. You can bake, mash, or roast them, throw them in the air fryer, add them to you favorite winter casserole or summer salad, try them candied, mix them with quinoa, try a breakfast bake...the possibilities are endless! Health

48 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes for Weight Loss

Whether you bake, roast, air fry or throw them in a casserole, there are plenty of delicious ways to enjoy sweet potatoes. Not only do …

42 Halloween Party Ideas for Kids | Whether you're organizing a classroom Halloween party, throwing a themed outdoor backyard bash for the neighborhood kids, organizing a garage party for teens, or hosting a simple party for the family, this post has tons of fun and easy DIY ideas to make it a celebration to remember. From decorations, to food, to games and activities, we've curated the best simple and budget-friendly tips and we're sharing virtual Halloween party ideas to boot! Family

42 Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas for Kids Of All Ages

If you’re looking for Halloween party ideas for kids, tweens, or teens, this post has tons of ideas to inspire you. From Halloween-themed party food, …

22 Lunch Workout Routine Tips & Hacks | Whether you work from home or at the office, it IS possible to squeeze in a quick sweat sesh between calls and deadlines! There are tons of no equipment workouts you can stream for free, ranging from the 15 minute to 30 minute mark, with longer options to choose from. This post has everything you need - workout essentials, tips to teach you how to look good after a lunch workout, and pre- and post-workout snacks and meals, and more! Health

22 Lunch Workout Routine Tips and Exercises to Help You Stay Active

Working out midday can increase your efficiency and focus, boost your productivity and reduce stress levels. But if you’ve ever done a lunchtime workout, you …

20 Puffy Paint Crafts for Kids | If you're looking for easy art projects for kids, this post is full of ideas! We've included DIY recipes to teach you how to make puffy paint at home, and tons of crafts and activities for all ages and stages - even for teens! While we used puffy paint to decorate shirts when we were kids, there are so many other fun activities you can try. From sidewalk chalk, to framed canvases, to fabric bags, to window clings and more, these ideas are so fun! Family

Puffy Paint Crafts: 20 Recipes and Projects for Kids

There are so many cool art projects you can create with puffy paint, and this post has the best of the best! We’re sharing easy …

36 Green Bean Recipes for Every Occasion | There are so many delicious recipes you can make with fresh green beans, and they are so simple and easy to make. You can steam or boil them, cook them in the oven, throw them in the air fryer or crockpot, and they taste amazing sautéed. From healthy side dishes, to make ahead green bean casserole recipes, to an amazing green beans with bacon recipe you can make in the crockpot, these side dishes and meals will not disappoint! Health

36 Healthy and Delicious Green Bean Recipes for Every Occasion

Green beans are a classic and delicious side dish that are used to compliment everything from weeknight roasted chicken to a Thanksgiving feast. While they …

7 Coconut Oil Hair Masks | Coconut oil offers so many health benefits, and it's good for your hair too! If you're looking for DIY and/or drugstore hair masks for growth, to restore damaged hair, and/or to treat dandruff, this post is for you! You can create your own homemade hair mask recipe for your specific hair woes, and you will be amazed at the results. Perfect for dry scalp, split ends, and gals looking for hair growth tips, these hair masks are where it's at! Beauty

7 Coconut Oil Hair Masks that Hydrate and Promote Hair Growth

If your hair is in need of some TLC, we’ve got just the thing for you! Coconut oil not only boasts a myriad of health …