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10 Natural Laryngitis Remedies | Lost your voice? If you're looking for hacks to help you feel better fast, these home remedies for laryngitis are suitable for adults and for kids! From teas and other drinks, to honey, to essential oils, to apple cider vinegar and more, these DIY natural treatments are quick and simple. If you don't know what to do when you lose your voice, we've included the symptoms and causes of laryngitis plus tips to help you learn how to get rid of laryngitis fast! General Health

Lost Your Voice? 10 Natural Laryngitis Remedies to Help You Feel Better

Lost your voice? Whether you were screaming too loudly at a concert or sporting event, or you’re feeling under the weather due to a cold …

11 Family Virtual Christmas Celebration Ideas | If you're looking for online party ideas to help you celebrate the holidays with family and friends when you can't get together in person, this post is a great place to start! We've included a list of planning tips to consider if you want to know how to throw a virtual party for the first time, tons of fun online games to play with friends and family that are suitable for kids, as well as creative ways to exchange gifts with the ones you love. Family

Online Celebrations: 11 Family Virtual Christmas Celebration Ideas

If you’re celebrating the holidays online with friends and family this year, this post has lots of ideas to help you make it special and …

9 Remedies for Menstrual Cramps that Actually Work | Period pain got you down? From yoga, to supplements, to herbal teas and more, we're sharing the best natural remedies for women who suffer from period cramps. Learn how to get rid of (or at least, how to reduce) menstrual cramps with this collection of fast and effective home remedies. We've also included causes of menstrual cramps and prevention tips and hacks so your period doesn't slow you down! General Health

PMS and Beyond: 9 Tips and Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

All women experience menstrual cramps differently. For some, they may be a mild inconvenience lasting a couple of days, but for others they can cause …

16 Virtual Date Ideas for Couples | Whether distance or quarantine (or both!) are keeping you and your significant other apart, this collection of online date night ideas is for you! These fun and creative date night in ideas are equal parts easy, cheap, and romantic. From cooking, to organizing an online game night, to virtual yoga, to planning your dream vacation, these simple at home date ideas will inspire you to keep the magic alive when you can't see each other in person! Live Your Best Life

Keeping the Magic Alive! 16 Virtual Date Ideas We Love

The “virtual date” has gotten more attention than ever these past few months. Couples have been separated by travel restrictions, forcing everyone in long distance …

48 Filling Yogurt Bowls to Kickstart Your Morning | If you're looking for healthy breakfast recipes that will keep you feeling full until lunch and support your weight loss goals, this collection of yogurt bowl recipe ideas is a great place to start! From low carb, keto, and low calorie breakfasts, to vegetarian and vegan recipes, to Greek yogurt options, to granola yogurt bowls we love, this post has the perfect balance of sweet and savory options that are high in protein and delicious! Breakfast

Clean Eating At Home: 48 Filling Yogurt Bowls to Kickstart Your Morning

A healthy, filling breakfast is the best way to kickstart your morning. Yogurt bowls are nutritious, tasty and satisfying, and although they’re nothing new, there …

3 Natural Cradle Cap Remedies for Babies and Kids | If you want to know how to get rid of cradle cap, this post is for you! Whether you need natural remedies for your newborn baby, toddler, for kids who are older, or for adults, we're sharing everything you need to know. Learn what causes cradle cap, the symptoms of cradle cap, when to see a doctor, prevention tips, and natural remedies that work fast! General Health

Cradle Cap 101: 3 Natural Cradle Cap Remedies that Work

If you notice white and/or yellow scales on your baby’s scalp, don’t panic. Cradle cap is very common in newborn babies, and while it may …