My mum’s famous liver casserole recipe

A delicious casserole recipe for liver lovers everywhere!

After almost 30 years, my parents finally moved back to the US last month, which feels REALLY weird. I love having them on the same time zone, and knowing they’re only a 3-hour flight away (rather than a 30 hour flight), but it definitely feels like the end of an important part of our lives, you know?

Anyway, while my mum was unpacking her stuff, she stumbled across all of her old cook books, and decided she’d send a few to me for my blog.

And do you know what the FIRST recipe she sent to me was?

Her famous liver casserole recipe.

I’m not kidding.

Of all the recipes she has made over the years, she thought this one would peak your interest the most.

Now, I’d be lying if I told you it’s delicious, because I always faked a tummy ache when she served her liver casserole for dinner. But for you liver lovers out there, I’m sure you’ll find this very tasty.


2 ounces of lard or drippings
1 lb of liver, sliced
Seasoned flour
6 rashers of bacon, chopped
4 onions, sliced
1 medium can of tomatoes
1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
Salt & pepper


1. Preheat over to 350 degrees.

2. Warm the lard or drippings.

3. Toss the liver in seasoned flour and saute together with bacon and onions until golden brown.

4. Transfer everything to a casserole dish and add the tomatoes, Worcestershire Sauce, salt, and pepper.

5. Cook in center of oven for 45 minutes or until liver is tender.

This recipe came from my mum’s Good Housekeeping’s New Basic Cookery recipe book, which my dad bought for her shortly after they were married.

She thinks it was a hint that he wanted her to learn how to cook.

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A delicious casserole recipe for liver lovers everywhere!

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