Keepsakes Worth Making: 24 Simple Rock Crafts for Kids

24 Rock Crafts for Kids | Attention parents! If you’re looking for easy DIY crafts you can enjoy at home with your children, these rock art projects will not disappoint. Whether you have toddlers, or kids in preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school, these creative and fun activities are so cute and make fabulous keepsakes. We’ve included great learning activities too! #rockcrafts #rockpainting #rockcraftsforkids

Kids have fantastic imaginations, and you never know what creative thing they will come up with next. They can turn the plainest items into works of art. Case in point: there are some incredible rock crafts for kids that you can help your child create. What’s amazing is that rocks can be both a gateway into imagination and play, as well as a keepsake they can cherish forever. Here are some of my favorite rock crafts for kids, broken down by age group.

8 Rock Crafts for Kids in Preschool

Make a Mud Pie
If you give your kids some water and put them by some dirt, there’s no doubt some mud pies will be made. Munchkin and Moms has a great way to use this messy activity to teach kids about fruits and vegetables. First, wash the stones. Then use acrylic paint or chalk to put the vegetables on the stones. Then cover it with clear spray paint or nail polish and you’re good to go! You can write the names of the fruits and vegetables on the stones to make this idea extra educational.

Rock Monster | Easy, Peasy and Fun
If you or your child aren’t in the mood for painting, try out these monsters made of yarn and rocks! These little monsters are adorable and unique. Just grab some yarn, glue, stones, and googly eyes and you’ll be having fun in no time!

 Alphabet Rocks | Teach Beside Me
In the same vein of learning with rocks, the alphabet is a good choice to craft. Get out some paint and clean rocks and learn the alphabet by creating colorful versions of each letter! It’s simple and fun, and educational.

Flower Stones | Mother Natured
Kids start to learn their colors and numbers while they’re in preschool, and you can help them with these flower stones. You can then mix them all up and have your child put them back together again.

Colorful Rocks | Arty Crafty Kids
Your little one may be learning more colors every day, and you can help them by getting downright creative with these rocks. Painting rocks with beautiful colors can be one of the most fun things to do with your kids.

Dyed Rocks | Twitchetts 
Another way to add color to your crafting, these dyed rocks will make anyone happy who looks at them, especially your little artist. Plus, these are very easy to make, as you’re essentially dipping rocks into food coloring.

Stone Fish | Messy Little Monster
These stone fish are great for any age to make. These adorable fish are made with paint, felt, glue, and chalk. This is a great way to spend a hot summer – or cold winter! – day inside.

Patterned Stone Snake | I Heart Crafty Things
This is a craft your preschooler will love playing with. Start by painting the stones with your little one, and then watch as they make a new snake each time they play!

8 Rock Crafts for Kids in Kindergarten

Story Stones | Happy Hooligans
This rock craft for kids will provide hours of fun for your little ones. You can print out pictures, paint, draw, or use magazine and fabric scraps to decorate rocks! It’s so simple and endlessly fun. Toss the stones in a bag and have your children pull them some at random to make a story out of.

Highways and Roads out of Stone | Playtivities
Lots of kids love playing with Hotwheels and other car toys. Usually, they’ll try to make a road out of anything they can find, and you can help make a car track with some dark gray rocks and white paint. The best part is that they’ll never break, and they’re easy to store, which is why this is one of my favorite rock crafts for kids.

Stone Pets | Red Ted Art
Kids begging you for a pet? Here’s the easiest way to give them what they want, lol! Use fabric scraps and stones to make adorable little pets. They even have little homes in matchboxes, making this an extra fun activity!

Tic Tac Stone | Attagirl
Similarly, you can also paint creatures on stones that can also be used for games. You can create tadpoles and ladybugs, or any of your children’s favorite animals work too. To use these adorable rock crafts for kids as a game piece, make a board or have them play in the dirt and draw out a tic tac toe board.

Flamingo Rock Puzzle | Hello Wonderful
If you’re looking for an interactive project, this is the right one for you. This cute flamingo project is the perfect way to help kids get their wiggles out! This is a great way for kids to spur their imagination and figure out all the poses the flamingo can do.

Sight Word Rocks | The Imagination Tree
As your child learns more and more words, you can practice by painting those words on rocks with paint pens. This is the most fun way to help your little one make sentences and sight words in a variety of colors.

Painted Rock People | You Clever Monkey
This craft is a great way for children to learn how to observe what’s around them, and about people in their lives. Break out the paint and make some rock people – this is definitely one of the rock crafts for kids they will have a blast playing with.

Rock Pendants | Red Ted Arts
These rock pendants are fun to paint and add to a leather string. Endless customization and variety will make your child feel unique. These rock crafts for kids are very easy to make and decorate—perfect for any free afternoon.

8 Rock Crafts for Kids in Elementary School

Rock Rings | Itsy Bitsy Fun
Help your child create their own style with rock jewelry through the process of gluing metal bands to rings that have been decorated. Make sure the stones aren’t too heavy! Kids will love to make their own designs and show them off.

Rocking those Frames | Trish Sutton
For a more sentimental craft, make a photo frame with rocks. You’ll want a frame from the dollar store, some polished rocks, and some hot glue. This is a great way to celebrate a holiday.

Plant Painted Stones | Craftberry Bush
If your child has an interest in plants or wants more decorations in their room, look no further. Painting rocks to look like succulents is such a cute idea and the perfect way to grow a no-commitment garden. It’s simple for kids learning fine motor skills, and they get to practice painting!

Rock Chess Set | Easy Peasy and Fun
If you want to challenge your child’s critical thinking skills, create a DIY chess set with painted rocks together! Help your child grow their artistic skills while also producing a great game to teach them to think ahead.

Painted Rock Photo Holder | Buggy and Buddy
This is another cute way to display photos. Use a rock as a base, then use a metal wire decorated with beads as the photo holder. This is a great keepsake that would also be a great gift for grandma or grandpa.

Galaxy Rocks | Color Made Happy
Your child will learn all about stars and the sun and the moon, along with the Milky Way with this rock craft for kids. You can help them learn by painting galaxy rocks, helping instill the awe of space. Then head outside and show them the real stars to cement the lesson.

Rock Fish Pond | Make It Your Own
This is a cute little setting of rocks being used to make fish in a pond. Go step by step in making your own, with a clever way of making fish scales easily. This is such a great decoration for anyone who loves animals.

Fairy Houses | Thinly Spread
Looking for rock crafts for kids you can display around your home? These adorable little fairy houses are just the thing! Your child will be so happy to see their handiwork displayed in the garden.

Which one of these rock crafts for kids are you most excited about trying? Make rock-hunting a part of daily life and encourage your child to start decorating!

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24 Rock Crafts for Kids | Attention parents! If you’re looking for easy DIY crafts you can enjoy at home with your children, these rock art projects will not disappoint. Whether you have toddlers, or kids in preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school, these creative and fun activities are so cute and make fabulous keepsakes. We’ve included great learning activities too! #rockcrafts #rockpainting #rockcraftsforkids

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