Hands On Fun: 26 Fall Science Experiments for Kids We Love

26 Fall Science Experiments for Kids | If you’re looking for fall activities to keep your kids busy, grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and give some of these ideas a try! We’ve included experiments for toddlers as well as kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. There’s a mix of outdoor and indoor science experiments, making this a great collection of boredom busters for the aspiring scientists in your life! #fallscienceexperiments #scienceexperimentsforkids #fallscience

Are you ready to explore science with your children this fall? All 26 of these fall science experiments for kids are super easy and will teach them all sorts of scientific facts to make learning fun. These activities provide the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather with your kids, and if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ve included some indoor options you’ll love.

8 Fall Science Experiments for Kids in Preschool

In preschool, kids are extremely curious. This is the time to really encourage them to keep asking questions. Take what they are naturally interested in and find a science experiment that captures their attention and imagination!

Make Discovery Tubes | Babble Dabble Do
This is a really colorful project that will teach your 4 or 5-year-old about viscosity. All you need is some plastic tubing, some hot glue, paint and baby oil.

Chromatography: Separating Colors | Buggy and Buddy
The best thing about this experiment is how easy it is to set up. You might even have all the supplies at home already. With some coffee filters, markers, string, water, and pipe cleaners, your child will learn which colors combine to make other colors.

Make Nature Shadow Boxes | Teach Preschool
While the weather is pleasant, take a nature walk and collect some treasures. This is the perfect time to teach your child about all the different things they find. Then, help them display everything in a homemade shadow box. You can use any size box for this and then let them decorate it with whatever materials they prefer.

Ivory Soap Microwave Experiment | Happy Hooligans
What happens to Ivory soap when you put it in the microwave? You can use this super easy experiment to introduce the scientific method. Let your preschooler create a hypothesis and then watch their surprise as the soap expands.

Make An Egg Float | Coffee Cups and Crayons
This is another wonderful experiment that will capture your child’s curiosity. How do you make an egg float? What do you need to add to the water to push the egg up? Try vegetable oil, sugar, and anything else in the kitchen you can find.

How Are Stalactites Formed? | How We Learn
This experiment is more hands-on. Introduce beginning geology by letting your little ones watch minerals form on a string. With just a few simple ingredients, your child will experience basic chemistry too.

Tornado in a Bottle | Little Bins for Little Hands
Introduce what a tornado is and how it works by making your own tornado in a bottle! If you use 2-liter plastic bottles, it will be the perfect size for your preschooler to shake and play with. Add some glitter to the water for a little extra fun.

What’s in the Air? | Happiness Is Here
This fall science experiment for kids is a lot of fun for preschoolers specifically because they will be fascinated by the candle and colored water. It demonstrates how the air is made of oxygen and nitrogen and how fire needs oxygen to keep burning.

10 Fall Science Experiments for Kids in Kindergarten

As children enter kindergarten, their vocabulary is bigger, and they start asking even more questions. This is a really magical time to focus on science experiments as little ones are more intrigued and excited to learn at this age!

Make Invisible Ink | Steve Spangler Science
This is one of the best fall science experiments for kids, especially right before Halloween. Make some spooky signs with your kids while they learn science. You’ll need some lemon juice and a candle. It’s fun to watch kindergarteners’ eyes light up as they see their messages appear!

Make a Rainbow Jar | Playdough to Plato
Fall storms bring rainbows. Make your own rainbow jar and discover the weights of different types of liquids. Want to make a Halloween-themed centerpiece with your rainbow jar? Add some jelly worms and plastic spiders inside the jar!

Kinetic Energy Test | Inspiration Laboratories
This is a really easy science experiment for young children that you can set up inside the house. You just need a cardboard box, some paper, and some toy cars of various sizes. Discover which ones arrive down the ramp the fastest and why.

Static Electricity Snake | Kids Activities Blog
This is a fun experiment and you can create any shape you want out of the paper. Stick with the fall theme and cut out snakes or even friendly ghosts.

Apple Volcano | Growing a Jeweled Rose
Apples are a fall treat since their harvest time is usually September and October. Create a classic volcano eruption by combining baking soda and vinegar inside a hollowed-out apple.

Glow in the Dark Milk | Learn Play Imagine
There is something so eery and fun about glow in the dark milk, making this an excellent science experiment for kids. Your child will learn about basic chemical reactions as they watch the colors glow.

Pumpkin Bubble Science | Preschool Powol Packets
Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year. Experiment with bubbles and use pumpkins as one of the tools. This is a really great experiment for younger kindergarteners and a lot more hands-on too.

Apple Taste Test | Mama Papa Bubba
Why do different types of apples taste different? Visit a local farmer’s market or go to the store and pick up as many different types of apples as you want. Then, arrange them by sweetest to most tart. This is a wonderful lesson about the sense of taste as well as beginning botany.

What’s Inside a Drop of Blood?| Creekside Learning
Have no fear, there is no real blood involved in this experiment! Instead, you’ll be using a large jar, Karo syrup, red cinnamon candies, lima beans, and lentils to create a visual image of what makes up our blood.

Fall Guess Bag | Simple Play Ideas
Talk about the 5 senses and learn about different items that make up the autumn season. Create a mystery bag and fill it with fall items – plastic pumpkins, slime, plastic snakes, and fake vampire teeth. This is an experiment that kids love to play.

8 Fall Science Experiments for Kids in Elementary School

By elementary school, children are learning scientific concepts and starting to get ready for more complicated experiments. Some of these fall science experiments for kids can be used for a science fair project, and others might spark a lifelong passion for scientific exploration!

Why Do Pinecones Open Up? | Lemon Lime Adventures
As autumn winds down, pinecones, acorns, and other tree seeds fall to the ground. But why do pinecones open up? This is a fantastic fall science experiment for kids that are in the older age group of elementary school because you can demonstrate the scientific method and set up different jars for each hypothesis.

Tower Engineering | Science Buddies
This is another experiment you can do inside when the weather isn’t the best. You’ll need LEGOS or other building blocks and a way to simulate an earthquake. Test out how to build a tower that will withstand earthquakes the best and discuss why it was sturdier than the other ones.

Blood Cell Membrane Experiment | Steamsational
Even though blood is part of our biology, it’s also high on the ick factor – and so it’s perfect for Halloween! This experiment demonstrates osmosis and the semi-permeability of red blood cells.

How Do Leaves Breathe? | KC Edventures
Leaves are living parts of a tree, but do they actually breathe? KC Edventures shows you how to discover the inner workings of leaves. By using green leaves you pick from a tree or plant (sorry, no orange leaves off the ground), a glass jar, and a rock, you can see photosynthesis taking place.

Set Up An Animal Tracking Station | Creekside Learning
The fall is the perfect time to observe wildlife. What are the habits of different animals? Which ones live in your area? It will be fun to see which animals leave tracks and then research and identify each animal based on the print it left behind.

Make Ghost Bubbles | Science Bob
Ghost bubbles are incredibly fun for kids of all ages. You need dry ice to make ghost bubbles and after you do it once, everyone will want to do it over and over again.

DIY Moon Phases Puzzle | What Do We Do All Day
What is a full moon? Will there be a full moon on Halloween? Set up a moon phase puzzle with your older children and identify the names of the phases. Then, you can also laugh together about why there is superstition about full moons.

Fall Leaves and Chlorophyll | A Little Pinch of Perfect
What is chlorophyll and what does it do? This experiment will capture the imagination and attention of younger kids, but since it uses boiling water and rubbing alcohol, it might be best suited for older elementary students. You’ll need some fall leaves from the ground outside, beakers, and tongs to do this experiment with your kids.

Fall is the perfect time for science experiments with kids. Take advantage of the colder weather to spend some time indoors with your kids exploring the fascinating world of science. Lots of these science experiments might seem like magic. Use these moments of wonder to explain basic concepts about how the world works. You might just be planting the seeds of scientific curiosity in your kids with these fun fall science experiments for kids!

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26 Fall Science Experiments for Kids | If you’re looking for fall activities to keep your kids busy, grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and give some of these ideas a try! We’ve included experiments for toddlers as well as kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. There’s a mix of outdoor and indoor science experiments, making this a great collection of boredom busters for the aspiring scientists in your life! #fallscienceexperiments #scienceexperimentsforkids #fallscience

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