How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally: 10 Tips That Work


No, you don’t have to go under the knife to the get bigger boobs. There are things you can do on the daily that will enhance your breasts and make them look more voluptuous. Perkier boobs are just a few lifestyle changes away, and implementing these steps into your life will make you overall healthier and happier. If you’ve been struggling with how to get bigger boobs, read on!

While your boobs are mostly made up of tissue, the pectoral muscles underneath them can do wonders for enlarging your breasts. There are certain exercises and yoga poses that work to strengthen your chest, making your pecs bigger and your boobs perkier. Doing these exercises will enhance the muscles, making them toned and strong.

There are also foods and herbs that are known to help with boob growth. Foods high in protein such as salmon, Greek yogurt and quinoa, create and repair breast tissue, and estrogenic-rich foods like fruits and veggies will work to make your boobs larger over time. Plus, herbs such as Fenugreek contain plant phyto-estrogens and diosgenin, which have been found to enlarge breast size.

Want to learn how to get perky boobs? We’ve got you covered. From yoga exercises and upper body fitness workouts you can do at the gym, to breast enhancing herbs and an estrogenic diet, we’ve got 10 healthy tips to teach you how to get bigger boobs naturally. Your girls will never look so good!

You can also try breast enhancing creams and oils, and work in a breast massage on the daily. Doing this increases circulation and enhances the tissues in your breasts to make them grow bigger.

Go on and give your girls a lift with these 10 awesome (and natural) tips for getting bigger boobs.

1. Yoga

All this time I’ve been doing yoga, I thought about building everything from my leg muscles to my core muscles, but I never realized it was helping in the breast department! But it totally makes sense. The muscles supporting your boobs become toned and strengthened from different yoga poses, including cobra pose. Cobra pose strengthens your chest muscles and as a result will make your boobs look bigger. Check out how to do cobra pose in the video below from Yoga Journal!

2. Estrogenic foods

There are certain foods that have high estrogen content, which can help you get bigger boobs. There are also foods that are high in the male hormone, testosterone, which can impede breast growth, so eating estrogenic foods will help to balance your system. Estrogen-rich foods include anise seeds, vegetables, legumes, fruits, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, eggs, and flax seeds, among others. So get them in regularly and sufficiently.

3. Breast enhancing herbs

There are numerous breast enlargement herbs you can work into your daily regimen. Each one has different benefits from stimulating breast tissue to enhancing breast growth. Some of the most popular ones? There’s Fenugreek, which contains plant phyto-estrogens and diosgenin, which are known to increase breast size. There’s also saw palmetto and fennel which contain phyto-nutrients that stimulate breast tissue.

4. Get your protein

Along with helping so many other things in your body, protein is vital for boob growth. It creates and repairs cells and tissues, including breast tissue. Plus, it plays an important part in the production of hormones such as the human growth hormone, which enhances breast growth. Get your dose of complete proteins in the form of foods like red meat, chicken, salmon, eggs, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, quinoa and soy.

5. Push ups

Push ups are essential for a strong upper body, and since they work your pectoral muscles, building them up will make your chest look perkier and more toned. The great thing is you don’t need any type of equipment to do push ups, all you need is the floor and your own body weight. If you’re unsure how to do proper push ups, check out this video by K’s Perfect Fitness TV. She takes you through different stages of push ups from beginner to advance and shows you the proper technique!

6. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do to naturally get bigger boobs. It enhances your breasts by working your pectoral muscles against the water and is great for your breast tissue, making your boobs sit up perkier. Head to the beach, or check the open swim times at your local fitness center!

7. Breast massage

Giving yourself a breast massage every day can enhance the tissues in your breasts and help them grow bigger. Being gentle, yet firm, place your hands on your breasts and rub inwards with circular motions, your right hand going clockwise and your left hand moving counter clockwise. Do this for about 2 minutes. Your boobs won’t get bigger over night, but giving yourself consistent boob massages is sure to give your girls a lift over time.

You can also use certain oils that are known to enhance breast size such as almond oil, soy bean oil and olive oil.

8. Eat red lentils

Red lentils are super delicious, and they’re one of the most well-known natural breast enhancers. They contain a hefty dose of phytoestrogens, which naturally enlarges breast tissue, so add them into your diet on the regular for heftier boobs.

9. Breast enhancement cream

You can find breast enhancement cream on the market, but make sure to do your research. These creams work to stimulate skin tissue in the mammary glands, which kick starts the tissue to start growing again. A combination of herbs, plants, and other ingredients similar to estrogen cause your body to react that same way it would at puberty or pregnancy. Look for ingredients such as don quia, Mexican wild yams, kava kava, saw palmetto, pueraria mirifica, blessed thistle, and oat fibre.

10. Posture

This tip is SO simple, yet many women don’t realize what a huge difference it makes. Standing, sitting, and walking with good posture will without a doubt make your breasts look bigger and perkier. So many people live their life slouched over, but add an instant boost to your breast line by standing up straight and drawing your shoulders back. You can even push your chest out slightly. How’s that for natural!

If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts, make sure to try out these natural growth tips. They may take some time, but in the end you’ll notice perkier, more voluptuous breasts.

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Want to learn how to get perky boobs? We’ve got you covered. From yoga exercises and upper body fitness workouts you can do at the gym, to breast enhancing herbs and an estrogenic diet, we’ve got 10 healthy tips to teach you how to get bigger boobs naturally. Your girls will never look so good!

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