Excited For School: 27 Back To School Crafts For Kids

27 Back To School Crafts For Kids | Perfect for preschoolers who are starting school for the first time, for kindergarten aged kids who are transitioning to full-day school, and for kids in elementary school, this collection of easy back to school activities and DIY art projects is full of ideas for moms to make back to school fun! #backtoschoolcrafts #backtoschoolactivities

Wow, can you believe it? Summer is almost over! For most of us, the moment school starts back up is pretty bittersweet. What better way to celebrate and squeeze in some last-minute memories than some really fun back to school crafts for kids!

I have compiled a list of the best back to school craft ideas for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary aged kids. One thing I am confident of is that your kiddos are going to have a blast, spend a lot of time giggling, and they will be making some great art projects that double as nice keepsakes. Time to break out the crayons, glue, and googly eyes, because you are in for a wild ride!

9 Back To School Crafts For Kids In Preschool

Back to school crafts for kids in preschool are almost as fun for you as they are for your children. All their cute little faces with giant smiles showing off their hard work are impossible to downplay. Take a look at these terrific kids crafts and see what I mean!

Apple Suncatchers | Fireflies & Mud Pies
These enchanting apple suncatchers are the perfect way to start the school year. Plastic beads and chenille stems along with a few other items make up this perfect back to school craft for kids.

DIY Decoden Chalk Board For Kids | Buggy And Buddy
School is known for chalkboards, so it makes sense to make a back to school craft featuring one! A little bit of chalkboard paint will bring you an afternoon of fun with your child. Don’t forget the chalk, too!

Apple Tree Circle Punch Craft | Easy Peasy And Fun
If you are looking for an easy, but excellent craft idea for your preschooler, this one is perfect. This is a wonderful way to introduce circles while crafting. Plus, anything apple-related is appropriate for back to school!

School Bus Shaped Card | Non-Toy Gifts
One of the most exciting aspects of school for preschoolers is getting to ride the bus. So, it makes sense to have a bus themed card as a back to school craft. This makes for a great time to go over bus safety procedures and rules with your child in a non-threatening way.

Popsicle Stick Glue Bottle Craft | Glued To My Crafts 
Every preschooler needs an adorable little popsicle glue bottle friend. These little guys are so stinking cute; all the kids are going to go wild for them. You just need some popsicle sticks and a few other basic supplies.

Apple Tree Craft | Fun Littles 
Oh, this is the best little toddler craft ever! Your little ones will get their hands super dirty, and they will love every single second. And your preschoolers will be all set for school. You will need some cardboard rolls, construction paper, paint, cotton balls, and a foil pan for this craft to happen.

Handprint Apple & Footprint Bus | I Heart Arts And Crafts
If you are looking for a sweet craft to celebrate back to school with your preschooler, this is a wonderful idea. This is two crafts in one, and your children will go absolutely wild for it.

Pinecone Apple Craft | Non-Toy Gifts 
I’m telling you – anything apple just screams school time! These pinecone apples are a blast to make. You and the kids can even take a field trip to hunt for pinecones, and that is half the fun.

All About Me HandPrint Book | From ABCs to ACTs
One thing that is always helpful when making preschoolers comfortable for those scary-ish first days of school is to let them talk about themselves a little bit. This a great ice breaker for back to school.

8 Back To School Crafts For Kids In Kindergarten

Kindergarten can be a little scary for kids because they aren’t sure what to expect. Working on some back to school crafts are a great way to get them excited and prepared for what is to come. These ideas are ideal for the kindergartners in your life.

Egg Carton School Bus | K FUNdamentals
Not only are these egg cartons a blast to put together, but it is also a great time to teach your kids about recycling and reusing things. Start saving those egg cartons now so you are prepared for this cute craft.

Pencil Holder For Kids | Easy Crafts For Kids
The kids will love these pencil holders—they are like fun little friends that sit on your desk. :) Who wouldn’t love that? Plus, they will make your kids think of you and your fun craft time!

Marble Painted Apples | What Can We Do With Paper And Glue
Kids love to paint and even get messy. This one helps them do it with a purpose. This craft is a great way for them to learn and make their own marbled apple masterpiece.

Star Name | Teaching Ace
This star name craft is an easy, but entertaining way to get your kindergartener ready for school. Plus, he or she can practice learning how to spell and write their name too. Don’t forget to get some star stickers for this back to school craft.

First Day Of School Chalkboard Frame | Sugar Bee Crafts
These are the cutest chalkboard frames ever! They are so easy to make, and your child is going to be ecstatic to do it with you. The hardest part is going to be talking him into smiling for a photo. :)

Back To School Popsicle Pencil Craft | Crafty Morning
You can’t go to school without enough pencils, right? This loveable little pencil craft will light up your favorite kindergartner’s eyes.

Bubble Wrap Painting Apples Craft | Typically Simple 
I don’t care how old (or young) you are – anything that deals with bubble wrap is going to be a blast! This creative back to school craft idea is just so much fun.

Welcome Name Tag Necklaces | Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station
These name tag necklaces are entertaining to make and have fantastic bright colors. You will need some plastic beads and some yarn for this craft.

10 Back To School Crafts For Kids In Elementary School

Once children hit first grade, elementary school is much more comfortable for most kids. Each of these back to school crafts for kids will get them in school mode and ready to learn. Have a peek at these incredible ideas for your elementary school-aged child.

Homemade Pencil Toppers | Quirky Inspired
Raise your hand if having awesome pencil toppers was something you loved in school! This back to school craft for kids is perfect because they can make as many as they wish, and they are really inexpensive. Plus, they will love bringing their pencil toppers to school with them.

Mason Jar Crafts For School Supplies | Color Made Happy
The kids are going to enjoy making these storage containers for school supplies. They add a lot of cuteness to any bedroom (or classroom!), and it’s a fantastic way to encourage organization.

Personalized Back To School Notebooks | Design Improvised
Every kiddo loves to have some awesome notebooks. This craft is a wonderful way for children to express themselves and get creative. Each notebook can be personalized too.

Easy Back To School Bus Kids Craft | The Suburban Mom
I love this bus craft because it’s adorable, the kids love it, and you don’t need much for supplies. Tissue paperglueconstruction paper, and the free printable pdf from the post is all you need.

DIY Unicorn Bookmark | Mommy Musings
All the unicorn lovers need these super cute sparkly unicorn bookmarks. Getting all the school supplies ready for the first day will be even more fun for your elementary-aged child with this craft.

DIY Glitter Pencils | My Frugal Adventures
You can never have too much glitter in your life, especially when these pencils are so easy to decorate. If you are looking for a fun craft to keep older kiddos entertained, this is a great idea.

Fun Pencil Crafts | The Spruce Crafts
This is another amusing option for a pencil holder for your kiddos. Plus, you can make yourself some adorable pencil toppers too. You will need some basic crafting supplies and a couple of hole punches. Easy, peasy.

Duct Tape Pencil Pouches | Hip 2 Save
These duct tape pencil pouches are so captivating! I promise the kids are going to love this idea because they will be able to really showcase their styles and likes. This is a wonderful back to school craft for kids.

Rainbow Crayon Holder | Sugar Bee Crafts
It’s impossible not to get excited when you see such a beautiful crayon holder! The kids are going to love making it, and you will like how it looks too.

Felt Apple Craft | Easy Peasy And Fun
This is a wonderful back to school craft for kids that will help them enhance their fine motor skills and cutting. Plus, they will love their apple with a cute little worm.

I hope you and your children enjoy these back to school crafts for kids as much as we have!

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27 Back To School Crafts For Kids | Perfect for preschoolers who are starting school for the first time, for kindergarten aged kids who are transitioning to full-day school, and for kids in elementary school, this collection of easy back to school activities and DIY art projects is full of ideas for moms to make back to school fun! #backtoschoolcrafts #backtoschoolactivities

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