5 tips to teach you how to be the mom your kids deserve

If you struggle to find a good work-life balance, and worry your kids are suffering as a result, this list of 5 practical tips to teach you how to be the mom your kids deserve is for you!

My husband and I registered our almost-4-year-old for Kindergarten on Tuesday, and when I realized I only have 7 more months until she’s in full-day school, I started to panic.

I’m just not ready to let her go, you know?

Of course, my friends with older kids think I’m absolutely crazy to feel this way as they can’t wait to drop their kids off on the first day of school each year, and I’m sure I will get used to peeing and grocery shopping alone, but at this moment in time, I wish I could turn the clock back.

But I can’t.

And while I like to think I do a pretty good job of keeping things exciting for her each day, I know she’s ready for something a little more challenging than 2.5 hours of preschool followed by an afternoon of errands, snacks at Starbucks, and my poor attempts at trying to replicate other people’s science experiments.

So after sobbing into a glass of chardonnay on Tuesday evening, I woke up the following morning, plugged my earphones into my ears, went for a run, and started to think of my 2015 goals.

Now, one thing you must know about me is that I am not really one to make resolutions because I inevitably break them within the first month and spend the remainder of the year hating myself for it. But this year I did make a promise that I would find a better work-life balance so I can be the kind of mother I want my daughter to remember, and with only 7 months left until this sweet child starts school, I’m more motivated than ever to make good on that promise.

Here’s how I’m going to make that happen.

If you struggle to find a good work-life balance, and worry your kids are suffering as a result, this list of 5 practical tips to teach you how to be the mom your kids deserve is for you!


I have a lot of goals for this blog, and while I love how much it has grown over the last year, I do not want my daughter’s childhood memories to be of me sitting in front of my computer while simultaneously saying, “just 5 more minutes, okay?” So on January 1st I decided to step away from anything that doesn’t align with my 2015 goals, and I consciously leave all work-related tasks for when my daughter is either at preschool or safely tucked into her crib for the night. It has been a bit of a challenge to turn down opportunities and be so regimented, but I find I am actually more productive during my working hours as a result.


One of the things I hate about winter is that it makes me feel trapped. I am not a fan of the cold and snow, and in winters past I have spent a lot of time indoors climbing the walls while I wait for spring to arrive. But this year has been different. I invested in some really good winter gear for the 2 of us, and I make it a point to take my daughter outside at least once a day, even if it’s just so we can go for a snack at Starbucks. I find the fresh air and exercise makes a HUGE difference in both of our moods, and while I’m still desperate for spring to arrive, I’ve been able to keep the winter blues at bay.


While I’m great at reading and teaching my daughter about different things, I’ve never been particularly good at getting on the floor and PLAYING with her. I just feel like there’s always something else I could be doing, like scrubbing the toilets, preparing dinner, or folding whatever laundry has taken up residence in our dryer. But after helping my daughter setup a slumber party for her Peppa the Pig toys last weekend, I was blown away with how much her imagination has grown over the last few months and ended up having a lot of fun with her. And you know what? It’s hard work keeping up with the mind of a 3-year-old!

4. SAY ‘YES’!

In Anna Luther’s eBook, 75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home, one of the things she suggests is having a day where you say “YES!” to your kids. It didn’t really resonate me at the time as my daughter wasn’t talking yet, but now that she’s older and I feel like I’m saying things like, “STOP IT!”, “PUT THAT DOWN!”, “DON’T HURT YOURSELF!”, and “NO!!!” all day long, I am trying to do a better job of carving some time out of our busy lives to do the things SHE wants to do.


I don’t know about you, but nothing warms my heart more than hearing my little girl laugh. She has such a great sense of humor, and while we already spend a lot time giggling together, there’s always room for improvement.

If you struggle to find a good work-life balance, and worry your kids are suffering as a result, this list of 5 practical tips to teach you how to be the mom your kids deserve is for you!

Of course, this switch from a sedentary life to a more active existence means we need more fuel to help our bodies and minds stay active, and while I think I do a pretty good job in feeding my family nutritious foods, we are all really lacking in the calcium department.


Because none of us eats dairy.

I’m serious.

My daughter has never been great at tolerating it and went on a complete dairy strike shortly after her second birthday, my husband developed an intolerance to lactose in his early 30s, and after reading that one of Megan Fox’s tricks to maintaining her sexy figure is to refrain from all things dairy, I decided to jump on the band wagon as well.

So I need to pay special attention to how much calcium we’re getting on a daily basis, and according to this guide, I am not even close in reaching my daily requirements. And that’s not good, especially since calcium plays an important role in strengthening bones and teeth, as well as helping muscles (including the heart) and nerves function properly. And since calcium isn’t manufactured in the body, it must be introduced by outside sources, such as via our diets or by taking supplements.

And that’s why I love Viactiv®.

If you struggle to find a good work-life balance, and worry your kids are suffering as a result, this list of 5 practical tips to teach you how to be the mom your kids deserve is for you!

Viactiv® Calcium Soft Chews are the #1 doctor-recommended calcium supplement chew, and one Viactiv® Calcium Soft Chew taken twice daily provides 100% of the daily value of calcium for most women, plus vitamins D & K. They are intended to help achieve the recommended daily dietary levels of their nutrients as a supplement to diet/food source. And for those who support a gluten- and/or dairy-free lifestyle, Viactiv® Gummies taken twice daily provide 100% of the daily value of calcium plus vitamin D.

And did I mention they are absolutely delicious? I obviously opt for the gummies since they are dairy-free, but I did sneak a couple of the milk chocolate flavored chews over the course of the last couple of weeks, and they were pretty tasty. And I love that they are individually wrapped as you can pop a few in your purse and take them when you’re out and about.

So if you’re looking for a way to supplement your diet to ensure you get the recommended daily requirement of calcium, I highly recommend Viactiv®. Viactiv® Calcium Soft Chews are available in milk chocolate, caramel, and sugar-free milk chocolate flavors, each individually wrapped making it easy to take your calcium on the go. They can be purchased at stores nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, and Walgreens. And Viactive Gummies, available only at Walgreens, come in assorted tropical fruit flavors, and are gluten and dairy free.

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Viactiv . The opinions and text are all mine.

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