41 Uncommon and Meaningful Baby Names to Consider

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41 Uncommon and Meaningful Baby Names to Consider

I truly do not believe there has ever been a time in history where we have access to as many baby names as now. There are lists on top of lists and so many ways you can pick a name. Personally, I love meaningful baby names—ones that actually have symbolism or a story to them. However, choosing a baby name is a big decision that can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you with your name search process.

How to Pick a Name for Your Baby: 5 Tips

Choosing a baby name is an awful lot of responsibility. There are so many ways you can go about choosing a name, but I love the idea of a name with special meaning. Here are some helpful ways to narrow down a list of meaningful baby names.

  • Choose a city, state or country that has special meaning. Did you fall in love in Savannah? Or were you born in Nova Scotia? Savannah and Nova are both beautiful baby names with sweet meanings.
  • Pick a name from your favorite book. If you are an avid reader, finding literary inspiration is a great source of meaningful baby names.
  • Look at the name of relatives. There may be a special family member that you were especially close to that would be worthy of a namesake.
  • Call your baby by your maiden name. This only works for certain names, but there are plenty of maiden names that can also be meaningful baby names.
  • Choose a name with spiritual meaning. If you are religious, consider choosing a name that personifies your faith.

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22 Meaningful Baby Names for Girls

I’m so thankful that my daughter will grow up in a world where women are encouraged to do or be whatever they want. Choosing her name was so important for me—I wanted to give her a name that was worthy of the world-changer I know she will grow up to become. Here is a list of meaningful baby names for little girls for you to choose from.

  • Abigail – Abigail is a name that means a father’s joy. This beautiful name is straight to the point – a Daddy’s girl!
  • Adele – meaning nobility. She is full of grace to meet even the tensest situations and nobility to be the best of examples to a world that needs this woman of character.
  • Alexa – this is a version of Alexandra and it means defender of mankind.
  • Bria – this is another name that means noble, which will ensure she treats herself with the respect she deserves.
  • Carolina– this sweet name means song of happiness which is certainly a response you may have to your little bundle of joy.
  • Darlene – this beautiful name also has a beautiful meaning: tenderly loved.
  • Ella – meaning a beautiful fairy woman. Ella is a magical girl who lights up even the darkest of rooms.
  • Emily – if your hope for your daughter is to see her become a diligent and hard-working woman, this name means industrious.
  • Farrah – one of the meaningful baby names that mean happy is Farrah. This doesn’t just prove to the world you are thrilled about her arrival, but it is also a hope for joy in her life.
  • Kalila – if you are hoping to find a name that shows how you feel about your daughter, this Arabic name means heaps of love, which is absolutely appropriate.
  • Kaytlyn – meaning a smart and beautiful child—this little girl will grow up to be head of her class one day.
  • Lily – yes, Lily is a lovely flower, but did you know that the name represents purity and beauty? This girl’s life will shine brightly.
  • Mia – sometimes a daughter is the fulfillment of years of aching and longing. This name is very appropriate, as it means a wished-for child.
  • Natalie – having a baby that will be born on Christmas Day? Then you should keep this name in your list since that’s literally the meaning. Natalie will be associated with all the merry and joy of the season!
  • Nora – little ones bring so much life and light into your home! Choose a name like Nora to personify the feeling, which means light.
  • Nova – this is the Latin word for new, which is appropriate for a new season of life and a new family member. The name has a second meaning—it is also is a term in astronomy for a star that shows a sudden massive increase in brightness, slowly returning to its original state over a few months.
  • Olida – this name shares a meaning with it’s more well-known version, Olivia. The names mean olive tree, which has Greek mythology and Biblical symbolism for a beloved, sacred tree.
  • Riley – raising a little girl to be courageous and show determination takes a good amount of effort. Choosing a meaningful baby name like Riley, which means valiant can help spur you on.
  • Samantha – have you prayed over and over asking for a baby girl? If so, the name Samanta, which means asked of God should absolutely be a contender.
  • Victoria – yes, this name may make you think of Queen Victoria, the beloved ruler of England, but did you know that the name means victorious?
  • Zoe – you are literally bringing a new life into the world. This meaningful baby name exemplifies that as it means life.

19 Meaningful Baby Names for Boys

There are so many great things about having a little boy! One of the best parts is raising a young man who can grow up to do incredible things and make a difference in the world. Make sure to give him a head start by choosing from this list of meaningful baby names that remind him of a special calling every day.

  • Abner – this Biblical name comes from the Old Testament and means my Father is luminous in Hebrew.
  • Aiden – it seems odd to say it in this stage of life, but having kids with some energy and passion will end up being a very good thing one day. If you’ve got a kiddo that is already super active in utero, consider this name which means fiery one.
  • Alfonso – a kingly man who is always at the ready, this meaningful baby name means noble and prepared.
  • Alastair – want to raise a child who fights for others? Alastair could be the perfect name choice as it means defends mankind.
  • Angus – this Scottish boy name means one strength. I like it because the meaning of that can be interpreted in so many ways that are meaningful to the parents!
  • Barack – yes, there may be some political leanings tied to this one for some people, but the meaning of this name is quite beautiful as it means one who is blessed.
  • Caedmon – ready to raise a young man that will fight for justice? Call him Cademon, as it means warrior.
  • Flynn – are you married to a ginger? If so, this can definitely be a meaningful baby name as it literally means descendant of the red-haired man.
  • Gilbert – if you are hoping for a smart child, name him Gilbert which means bright young man.
  • Hadwin – a friend who is there for you is exactly what we all need in this world. Hadwin can provide this as it means strong friend.
  • Mackenzie – if you want a name that subtly gives yourself and your spouse a pat on the back, name him Mackenzie—son of the wise ruler.
  • Quinn – if you want to raise a man others look to for advice, consider this name which means counsel.
  • Ryder – not only does this name sound very cool, but the meaning is there too: a knight or mounted warrior.
  • Sabra – one excellent quality to have in a child is patience – so give him a name that literally means patient.
  • Sebastian – a name that commands honor and respect, this name means venerable.
  • Silvester – if you have origins in a forested area or live near one, this is a meaningful baby name that you might like, meaning from the woods.
  • Wallace – we all want to raise leaders, but there are many ways to get power and not all of them are good ones. Wallace means peaceful ruler and is a standard of excellence.
  • Xavier –  This name is meaningful as it means the new house,  but it’s also a subtle way to show your Marvel fanaticism.
  • Zion – meaning highest point, this name has also come to be known for a meaning of the promised land.

So many meaningful baby names to choose from! I hope these lists give you a great starting point in your search for the perfect name.

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41 Uncommon and Meaningful Baby Names to Consider

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