30 Simple Weaving Crafts for Kids You’ll Wish You Tried Sooner

30 Simple Weaving Crafts for Kids | Teach your kids how to weave with materials you already have lying around the house, like paper, straws, yarn, cardboard, a bag, fabric, and popsicle sticks. With step by step tutorials, these ideas are perfect for beginners, and we’ve included ideas for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. These make great DIY gifts kids can make, and double as fabulous fine motor and hand strengthening activities. #weavingcrafts #weavingcraftsforkids

Weaving offers a fun way to help children develop their hand-eye coordination while simultaneously creating stunning DIY gifts and decor. Try all 30 of these simple weaving crafts for kids as a family and you’ll make some fun memories together!

When you introduce weaving to your children early, you will help strengthen their fine motor skills and build their self-confidence while also encouraging them to sit still and focus for longer periods of time.

This collection of weaving crafts for kids is organized by age group since some of them require more attention to detail than others. The best thing about weaving crafts is that your children can create their own homemade gifts for family and friends, and who knows? You might just help your children discover a brand new love of arts and crafts.

10 Weaving Crafts for Kids in Preschool

These weaving crafts for kids in preschool are designed to teach children about patterns, how to follow instructions, and color identification while also developing their fine motor skills.

Fish Kids’ Craft | Crafty Morning
This is a simple paper weaving craft that preschoolers can do by themselves. Teach them the order of the colors of the rainbow, and let them learn how to glue extra paper to the fish as an added decoration.

Hula Hoop Weaving | Kids Activities Blog
This is a really fun gift that teaches the basics of weaving without worrying about the details. This craft encourages creativity and free-thinking as children weave different types of fabrics around string inside a hula hoop.

Plastic Basket Weaving | Teach Preschool
Let your preschooler weave thick ribbons in and out of a plastic storage basket with holes. This doesn’t require any extra supplies, and you probably have everything you need on hand already!

Styrofoam Meat Tray Weaving | Play Create Explore
You can buy a huge pack of styrofoam meat trays online pretty inexpensively (who knew?) and this tutorial will teach you and your child how to create a simple DIY loom.

Twig Trees | Pink Stripey Socks
Take a nature walk with your preschooler and let them pick up some sticks. Then, bring them back home and create your own twig trees with this adorable craft! You can hang them up as ornaments on your Christmas tree, or attach magnets and hang them on your fridge.

Nature Loom | Babble Dabble Do
Another way to weave with things you find outside is to make a nature loom like this one. Just put some 3-inch screws into a log and then add some twine to make the loom. Now your preschooler just has to find flowers, leaves, and anything else that they want to weave into their own unique piece of art!

Woven “Straw”berries | J Daniel 4’s Mom
For children that are still learning how to master weaving, it can be really helpful to use straws. This weaving craft for kids is a fun play on words and the finished product is pretty cute!

Introduction to Weaving | Walking By The Way
All you need for this weaving craft for kids is some cardboard – part of a cardboard box will do – and your favorite yarn. This will keep your child’s attention and you can take it apart and redo it over and over again.

Staircase Big Weaving | Hands On As We Grow
Do you have a staircase in your home? If you do, use it to teach weaving techniques and patterns to your kids! You will need either some scarves or a few yards of ribbons for this entertaining craft.

Hedgehog Craft | Ryan and Marsha
Hedgehogs are adorable, and this craft pairs perfectly with the children’s book The Very Helpful Hedgehog.

10 Weaving Crafts for Kids in Kindergarten

When children reach kindergarten, they are ready for a bit more independence with their projects. These crafts are still perfect for beginners and children who are still working on their fine motor skills will benefit from them.

Rainbow Heart Weaving Craft | Red Ted Art
This is another paper weaving craft idea, but the more slits you add, the more challenging it becomes! Let your kindergartener pick out color patterns they want to use and help them stick to the pattern as they weave.

Kindergarten Weaving Craft | Simply Kinder
This craft teaches kindergarteners how to cut straight lines with scissors, making it a fabulous fine motor activity for little learners.

Craft Stick Butterflies | The Craft Train
These craft stick butterflies are a little more involved, but they are super cute and fun to create. It uses the basic “God’s eye” pattern of weaving yarn onto craft sticks and makes a great keepsake.

Craft Stick Turtles | Pink Stripey Socks
If you’re looking for no fuss weaving crafts for kids, these green turtles are easy to recreate – all you need is yarn and craft sticks!

Popsicle Sticks Loom | Buggy and Buddy
This craft will teach your child how to create a square loom out of craft sticks and some string. Your kindergartener can then use any kind of ribbon – or a bunch of different ribbons – to learn how to weave.

Paper Plate Spiderweb | Activity Village
This craft will take a little prep work, but I promise it’s worth it! After you set it up, let your child create a spiderweb for their black spider. This activity pairs nicely with the nursery rhyme “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, and is a great Halloween craft!

Fork Weaving | Hands On As We Grow
Another fun tool to use as a loom is an ordinary kitchen fork. I’m serious! Follow the weaving pattern in this tutorial for a creative and different craft idea.

Tinsel Weaving Craft | Learn With Play At Home
Let your little one help you decorate for Christmas by weaving garland through stair railings. If it isn’t Christmas, you can let them weave long strips of cloth, too.

Straw Weaving on Light Table | Where Imagination Grows
This craft looks really neat when you do it over a light table, and you can use cute paper straws to make really fun designs together.

Recycled Plastic Bag Weaving | Happily Ever Reading
Did you know you can teach beginning weaving by using plastic bags?! Check out this craft to find out how!

10 Weaving Crafts for Kids in Elementary School

If you are looking for weaving crafts for elementary-aged kids, you will want something a little more complex that can hold their attention a little longer. All of the crafts below are best for children aged 8-12 years old.

A God’s Eye | Skip to My Lou
The God’s Eye method of weaving is a really popular technique kids have loved for generations. You can turn this into a keychain, Christmas ornament, or refrigerator magnet. The possibilities are endless!

T-Shirt Placemats | Creative Jewish Mom
Take some old t-shirts and recycle them into placemats for this craft. Your children will love making these as homemade gifts or even keeping them for themselves.

Wall Decor | Art Bar Blog
Make some colorful and beautiful DIY wall decor with your children. This craft will teach them how to follow a tutorial and let them be creative at the same time.

Straw Weaving Bracelet | One Little Project
Use some straws to create a loom and make some super cute bracelets with your children! These are fun for kids to make for each other or just for themselves.

Circle Yarn Weaving | Happy Hooligans
Learn how to make simple drink coasters with items you already have lying around the house. These make a great DIY gift for family and friends!

Easy Beginning Weaving | Picklebumbs
Turn a cardboard box and some old t-shirts into a loom for your older children. It’s a really fun way to learn different weaving patterns and methods, and will encourage lots of creativity.

Pencil Jar Craft | Kitchen Table Classroom
This pencil jar craft is a great DIY teacher gift your child can make for the beginning or end of the school year!

Cardboard Roll Snake | Repeat Crafter Me
This craft is part weaving, part knitting, and by the end of it, you will have a cute snake. This is a great activity for a birthday party, or to enjoy during indoor recess on bad weather days.

Beginner Basket Weaving | Craft Passion
Basket weaving is a fun craft to learn with your child, and you can create more complex designs together as your little one gets older and more experienced.

DIY Woven Coasters | A Pretty Fix
These woven drink coasters make great keepsakes and gifts for family and friends, and they are super easy to make!

From hot pads, to drink coasters, to DIY wall decor, these weaving crafts for kids will provide hours of fun and entertainment!

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30 Simple Weaving Crafts for Kids | Teach your kids how to weave with materials you already have lying around the house, like paper, straws, yarn, cardboard, a bag, fabric, and popsicle sticks. With step by step tutorials, these ideas are perfect for beginners, and we’ve included ideas for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. These make great DIY gifts kids can make, and double as fabulous fine motor and hand strengthening activities. #weavingcrafts #weavingcraftsforkids

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