10 things that bothered me about Downton Abbey


Yup. It finally happened. My husband and I got sucked into the hoopla that is Downton Abbey, and have spent every spare minute the 2 of us have had together over the last several weeks glued to our couch watching the first 3 seasons.

Admittedly, I went into this whole thing kicking and screaming. I’d rather put a fork in my eye than watch a period piece, but since my Twitter and Facebook feeds have been inundated with all things Downton Abbey for months on end now, I had to see what it was all about. And if I’m to be completely honest, I secretly hoped The Hubs would get into it and I would score hours of guilt-free blogging time out of it.

Fat chance.

We were hooked immediately, and my husband forewent basketball and poker for 3 WEEKS so we could get our DA fix.

I’ve never been so attracted to him in my life.

Of course, my crappy hearing combined with our inability to turn the TV past a reasonable volume for fear of waking up our child made it next to impossible for me to understand everything those crazy Brits had to say (which is funny since my parents are British), so I often found myself focusing on the parts of the show that bothered me the most.

But, as always, any and all questions I tried to ask my darling husband were met with nothing other than a exaggerated, “SHUUUUUUSHHHHHH!!!!”.


So, I did what any sane person would do: I wrote it all down so I could ask you.

So here you have it.

10 things that bothered me about Downton Abbey

1. Can the producers of the show please tell Lady Mary to eat a burger?!

2. Why is Daisy so hell-bent on telling the truth all the time, and why are her boobs located so high up on her body?

3. Why does everyone (myself included) keep feeling sorry for Thomas and giving him a second chance?

4. What was Lady Sybil thinking when she got that god-awful hair cut?

5. Why won’t anyone marry Lady Edith, and is it just me, or did her relationship with Sir Anthony Strallan seem a bit . . . creepy?

6. Can Mr. Carson please put the moves on Mrs. Hughes already?

7. Why is Ms. O’Brien so mean, and who the heck styles her hair?

8. If it’s socially acceptable for The Countess and Lady Mary to have breakfast in bed everyday because they’re married, why isn’t it socially acceptable for me to do the same?

9. Why do my in-laws hate Mr. Bates so much?

10. Am I the only one who has a celebrity crush on Matthew?

What (if anything) bothered YOU about Downton Abbey?

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