10 Fantastic Moms Night Out Ideas (Girls Night Out Grown Up!)

10 Fantastic Mom’s Night Out Ideas | In dire need of a girl’s night out (or girl’s night in) away from your kids so you can get your PARTY on and burn off some steam? We’ve got 10 ladies night ideas you and your mom friends will love. Whether you’re looking for low-key games or crafts you can enjoy at home with your girlfriends, or want activities and events you can organize for a fun night on the town, we’re got you covered.

Remember girls’ night out? Getting dressed up with your best ladies in your hottest outfits? Dancing, bar-hopping, staying out until 3am and ordering greasy late-night pizza? Laughing and having a blast?

For most of us, now that we’re moms, ladies’ night is a thing of the past. Wild moms’ night out ideas consist of dinner at the drive through, Red Box or Netflix. If we’re up until 3am it’s probably due to crying babies and toddlers with tummy-aches. Talks with girlfriends revolve around picky eaterstoilet training, and how to get kids to brush their teeth. And if you’re anything like me, the thought of staying up past 10 pm and drinking more than 2 glasses of wine these days is terrifying and exhausting.

Yes, nights out have definitely changed with our priorities, but as tired moms, we still need and deserve a good time. There’s a bond we have with our friends—seeing pals helps us feel energized, young, refreshed and happy. We need someone who will lend a listening ear, split dessert and who shares our struggles. We need to laugh, get energized, feel fun and yes, even sexy again.

Ladies night out shouldn’t be a distant memory. We just need moms’ night out ideas involving slightly more “adulting” than dancing and doing shots–fun ideas that don’t require extra strength Alka-Seltzer the next day. It doesn’t mean giving it up, but finding ways you can have a blast, be a little wild, but still do what you’ve got to do as Mom.

So if you’re ready for a good time—you deserve it! Grab a few of your fellow tired moms and let them know to schedule a babysitter and fit in an extra nap, because you’re planning a ladies’ night! If you’re ready for a good time, here are 10 fantastic moms’ night out ideas that are a blast.

1. Sign Up for Pole Dancing Lessons

To be perfectly honest with you, I’m still a little angry my BFF didn’t arrange pole dancing lessons for my bachelorette party (years ago). It just looks like it would’ve been so much more fun than dressing me up like a hooker and pouring vodka down my throat all night. I know some moms might balk at the idea, but honestly? Taking sexy pole dancing lessons will make you feel like a rock star.

Pole dancing is a fabulous workout, which is a plus as well. Plan dinner or a round of drinks afterwards, to celebrate your bravery on the pole! Lots of moms need a little confidence boost and sexy pole dancing moves will be fun to show off to your husbands later. At the very least, learning to use your upper body strength on a pole may be even better than a comedy club for a few laughs with the girls!

2. Go See a Psychic for Ladies’ Night Fortunes

Every time my daughter and I drive to the grocery store, we pass a little house with a neon green “PSYCHIC” sign in one of its windows, and I’ve always thought it would be fun night out with the girls. Many psychics do readings for around $20. You can also get your tarot cards read or do numerology.

I love the idea of psychics, horoscopes and a little supernatural insight, so as far as moms’ night out ideas go, this one is on the top of my list. I’d probably need to drink a glass of wine first though – you just never know what they’re going to tell you, you know? Schedule a round of wine-tasting before your psychic appointment so you have liquid courage to hear about the future.

3. Take a Girls Night Out Cooking Class

I was never able to convince my husband to take a cooking class with me while we were dating (which he probably regrets now he knows just how bad of a cook I really am), but a cooking class is a great ladies’ night activity. Learn different skills and cuisine styles—from freezer meals and crockpot-friendly dishes to brushing up on your knife skills or cake decorating.

There are heaps of places offering cooking classes perfect for a girls’ night out. If you have enough friends to join in on the fun (spoiler alert: I don’t), you could probably rent the place out and make a night out of it! Many spots also let you BYOB and offer tastings to sample the dishes you’re learning about. Check with your local market, restaurants and even schools in the area who may offer cooking classes.

4. Throw a Retro-Themed Fondue Night

Just another excuse to get out the good ‘ole Cuisinart Fondue Maker, right?! Fondue is so retro-chic. It might even be fun to go with a whole 60’s theme for your ladies’ night, where everyone wears their favorite Mad Men-era garb and brings their favorite retro snack or beverage.

Fondue is such a great food for lounging around, chatting and getting your 60’s groove on. Put out plenty of small plates and dippable items–bread, broccoli and potatoes. Don’t forget the dessert fondue too with marshmallows, fruit and pound cake! Yum! Keep the retro theme going by putting on a few records (or cue up a retro playlist on Spotify) and bringing out decks of cards or party games like Adult Charades or Cards Against Humanity.

5. Do Something Pinterest-Worthy

I’ve seen a lot of different variations as moms’ night out ideas, but the gist is the same – get a bunch of your girlfriends together and actually work on a few of the projects you’ve pinned on Pinterest. Tell everyone to bring their great craft night ideas they’ve been putting off. This is especially great in the fall when everyone has some holiday crafts they’re procrastinating.

You could stick with DIY crafts but if you’re having a Pinterest party for your ladies’ night, you may want to include snack and food ideas as well. After all, what’s a mom party without snacks? The possibilities really are endless with this one, but can I recommend trying these drunken gummy bears??!

6. Bring the Spa to You and Your Tired Mom Friends!

When we were celebrating my college roommate’s bachelorette party, she wanted something low-key, so we convinced her aunt to let us use her house for the night, bought a bunch of food and booze, lit a fire in the pit in the backyard, cranked some tunes, and hired a couple of beauticians to spend the evening with us so we could each get a professional manicure or pedicure. It was a really fun and relaxing evening.

If I were to do it all again with an endless supply of money, I would hire someone to give facials and massages as well! All the tired moms I know would LOVE pampering and bringing the spa to your ladies’ night means you and your pals can kick back, relax and treat yo’ self. If everyone splits the cost, it’s hardly more than a trip to the salon.

7. Go Bowling with Your Favorite Ladies

It’s been ages since I’ve gone bowling, but from what I recall it was always a great time, especially with a group of besties. I hear many places offer disco and even glow-in-the-dark bowling these days, which sounds like a scream…especially since most bowling alleys serve booze!

Bowling is good for a cheap, fun night out. They open early and stay open until late, so you can schedule your night out around babysitters. Even if you and your mom friends aren’t exactly pro-bowlers, it will still be a blast. Rent your shoes, borrow a lane ball and get rolling!

8. Invite the Kids and Make it a Moms Night Sleepover!

If your friends’ kids are the same age as your own, why not host a huge sleepover? This is one of the easiest solutions to the babysitter dilemma that derails many moms’ night out plans. Instead of searching for someone, bring the kids along!

Set the kids up with sleeping bags, movies, and popcorn in the basement. They’ll have a blast. Meanwhile, you and your gal pals get to spend your evening gossiping while sucking back margaritas and cookie dough and giving each other mani/pedis! It’s the perfect moms’ night out (kids included).

9. Two Words: Retail Therapy

What better way to bond with your closest girlfriends than by trying on some Jimmy Choos, gazing at a few Kate Spades, and squeezing yourself into impractical garments from Chanel you know you’ll never be able to afford??! Hit up your downtown shopping area, cruise around the mall, or visit outlets and boutiques. Shopping is a perfect ladies’ day out idea too (no reason you can’t go out for an afternoon).

Shopping with your girlfriends is a great way to get honest feedback before you fork over your credit card. Taking your favorite gal or gals with you means shopping is way more fun. Even if you’re browsing, it’s entertaining to fantasize about what you would buy if you could. Stop for coffee, gelato or another fun treat to catch up with your friends.

10. Host a Girls-Only “Adult-Themed” Party

You know those Tupperware parties your mom hosted when you were a kid? Well, you can now host a similar party for your friends, but instead of getting them to buy plastic food storage containers, you’d be enticing them with adult toys, if you catch my drift.

Now, I must confess I’ve never been to one of these parties myself (I swear!), but I’ve heard they’re A LOT of fun. You can find “passion party” reps online—chances are you probably know a Facebook friend or two who has this secret side hustle. And if you’re the one hosting the party, you can earn a few extra bucks (or score swag) if your friends drink enough to buy some toys. Most tired moms I know wouldn’t mind a few tricks to help them feel sexier and get their groove back. Besides–just think of the gossip you’d have to share with your husband the next day!

Girls’ night out doesn’t need to disappear because you’re a mom. Rethink the ladies’ night with a few lifestyle adjustments, and you’ll still have a blast. Try some of these moms’ night out ideas to help you feel reconnected, young and fun again (something many of us moms miss when things get stressful). Bring your favorite gals together for good times you’ll never forget!

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10 Fantastic Mom’s Night Out Ideas | In dire need of a girl’s night out (or girl’s night in) away from your kids so you can get your PARTY on and burn off some steam? We’ve got 10 ladies night ideas you and your mom friends will love. Whether you’re looking for low-key games or crafts you can enjoy at home with your girlfriends, or want activities and events you can organize for a fun night on the town, we’re got you covered.

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