10 Awesome and Easy Birthday Cake Alternatives for Kids

10 Easy-to-Make Birthday Cake Alternatives for Kids | Looking for simple birthday party desserts that aren’t cake? Whether you’re looking for healthy options, or just want fun ideas to wow your guests, these ideas will make you mom of the year! From cake pops and ice cream cone cupcakes, to dirt cake and an amazing no bake birthday cake, these ideas will be a hit with little boys and girls alike!

For most kids, a birthday cake is an important part of their special day. Of course, we all picture a beautiful confection with plenty of frosting and candles. But let’s face it—not all of us are bakers and not everyone is a cake person. Sometimes you need to come up with birthday cake alternatives.

Now, not every kid loves alternative birthday cake ideas. I’ll admit, I had major birthday cake envy when I was a child.

Not because my mum didn’t put a lot of effort into our birthday parties or anything like that, but because she’s British, and my birthday cake was always the same: 2 slabs of pound cake with jelly and heavy cream in the middle and more cream thrown on top. It wasn’t the same as the layered chocolate cakes with sprinkles that I saw at many of my friends’ parties. Of course, my alternative birthday cake was still delicious, but it was just…different.

Now, she put a lot of love into those birthday cakes, and my friends always pretended to like them, but since I always felt a bit envious of the amazing, chocolate-filled concoctions the other moms used to make, I vowed I would one day go out of my way to do the same for my child.

So yes, I love going with super sweet and delicious cakes. That said, sometimes it’s fun to think a little outside the traditional cake box. With so many adorable and delicious alternative birthday cake ideas out there—cake pops, dirt cake, ice cream cake, cupcakes…you can have all your cake dreams fulfilled!

And thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I have found 10 awesome and easy birthday cake alternatives for kids. These cakes break with the norm but are still sweet, yummy and decadent—the perfect birthday cakes! I can’t wait to hire someone to make these yummy and adorable cakes for my daughter.

Because we all know I would never be able to pull any of these off myself…

So if you’re looking for some yummy alternative cake ideas, check these out!

Cake Pops | Bakerella

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with cake pops like I do? Yes? Whenever I see the cake pops at Starbucks I start calculating out the calories in my head. They’re a perfect little indulgence and oh-so delicious. They’re an adorable break from traditional birthday cakes. If you’re a cake pop lover too, then check out this step-by-step Street Party guide by Bakerella to help you make your child’s favorite Sesame Street characters come to life in a dessert no one can pass up! Heck, cake pops are small—have two!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes | Cake Blog

Have you ever had a cupcake baked inside of an ice cream cone? Not only can you enjoy the cake, but you can eat the container it comes in too! Easy and mess-free birthday cake! Pretty awesome idea, right? And after reading this Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes recipe over on Cake Blog (courtesy of Lauren Kapeluck of Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.), I’m about 99% sure I could pull this one off. (Okay, I’m only about 90% sure.)

Ice Cream Cone Krispie Treats | Cookies and Cups

Even if I can’t pull off ice cream cone cupcakes, that’s okay, because these awesome Ice Cream Cone Krispie Treats by Cookies and Cups look a bit easier. Crisped rice cereal (or Krispie) treats are a popular favorite with kids and with marshmallows and Rice Krispies they couldn’t be easier to make. Decorate them up with sprinkles. These ice cream cone krispie treats are also super portable, which makes them great cakes for outdoor birthday parties. Stick a candle in the birthday boy or girl’s cone and they’re ready to enjoy!

Dirt Cake | Martha Stewart

Hosting a party for older kids who are past the traditional birthday cake phase, but have an unhealthy love for Oreo cookies and chocolate pudding? (Okay, that describes many adults I know too—this cake is also great for grownups). This recipe for Jane’s Dirt Cake by Martha Stewart is a MUST TRY. I had this at a slumber party in the sixth grade and I still dream about it! Ooey-gooey deliciousness with pudding and cookie crumbles (and you can even add candy)?! Seriously, alternative birthday cakes do not get any better than dirt cake.

Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookie Cake | Kraft

Want to make something even your husband will love? Then crack open the Cool Whip (ooooh, la la) and try making this Chocolate-Covered OREO Cookie Cake by Kraft! This cake is the ultimate in chocolate indulgence. What could be better than a regular cake? A cookie cake! Warning: you will gain at least 5lbs in each thigh when you see the picture of this cake, but the good news is that birthday calories don’t count!

No-Bake Birthday Cake | Martha Stewart

Don’t have time to mess about with baking and intricate designs? Then check out this No-Bake Birthday Cake by Martha Stewart! I know, you’d never expect a simple alternative cake from Martha, but here you go. The secret is, once again, in using Rice Krispies. Plus, this cake is a perfect option for kids who want a birthday treat but don’t like regular cake. Bonus: no cake crumbs in the carpet!

Easy Hamburger Cupcakes from Divas Can Cook

Looking for something different and fun you can make with the kids? How about these Mini Hamburger Cupcakes by Divas Can Cook? Not only are these perfect for an outdoor picnic birthday party or a bbq-themed birthday party, but how cute would they be for a birthday tailgate? They’re the perfect summer birthday cake (er, birthday cupcake) for any outdoor party. Plus, they’re adorable and they look pretty easy to make as well. I love the look of serving them in silver “hamburger” wrappers.

Surprise Piñata Cupcakes | Cake Journal

Having a piñata at your next party, and want to carry the theme over to your birthday treats? These piñata cupcakes are perfect for your fiesta! Serve them with a birthday taco bar or nacho buffet. Cake Journal has put together a complete tutorial to help you make these awesome and super cute Surprise Piñata Cupcakes. Piñatas are a fun birthday activity and if you don’t want to hype kids up on too much sugar, fill them with small toys (and then serve the piñata cupcakes as the sugar-fix).

Minion Cupcakes | My Litter

Want an excuse to buy Twinkies? Then these Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes by My Litter are just what you need! If you’re having a Despicable Me party or if you’re just in love with the adorable Minions, these are the perfect alternative cupcake. Twinkies make a great base for the little Minions (they’re the right shape and color) and you can even buy pre-made eyeballs to make decorating these non-traditional birthday cakes easy.

Fresh Fruit Cake | Genius Kitchen

Is your kid just not into delicious sugar and chocolate? Surprisingly my daughter isn’t either. This beautiful fresh Fruit Cake by Genius Kitchen is a great alternative for kids who aren’t so into cake and sweets (yes, they do exist). This cake is also good for adults who may need to watch their sugar intake or are looking for a sugar-free birthday cake idea. It’s made out of 100% natural and beautiful fruit and still looks festive.

Try any of these delicious and fun alternative birthday cakes for your next birthday party. Or you could just go the easy route and get an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Kids love those things.

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10 Easy-to-Make Birthday Cake Alternatives for Kids | Looking for simple birthday party desserts that aren’t cake? Whether you’re looking for healthy options, or just want fun ideas to wow your guests, these ideas will make you mom of the year! From cake pops and ice cream cone cupcakes, to dirt cake and an amazing no bake birthday cake, these ideas will be a hit with little boys and girls alike!

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