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50 Easy Jello Shot Recipes | Jello shots are great for parties and celebrations, and they are so easy to make. They may remind you of your college years, but they've received a serious glow up in recent years, with tons of delicious recipes to choose from. While you may still prefer basic vodka jello shots, there are so many other ideas to choose from, and we've rounded up the best of the best! From tequila, to peach schnapps, to champagne, to Malibu rum and more, these recipes are delish! Desserts

50 Easy Jello Shot Recipes To Get The Party Started!

Nothing says it’s party time quite like jello shots. An instant crowd pleaser, jello shots are easy to make and fun to do, with a …

15 Meaningful Gender Reveal Ideas | Whether you're looking for unique and simple gender reveal ideas for you and your partner, or you want fun and creative ideas to surprise your guests at a gender reveal party, this post has lots of cute and easy DIY ideas to choose from. Whether you're organizing a theme party or a quiet celebration at home, we've included food ideas, games, and everything in between. Enjoy these inside or outside in fall, winter, spring, or summer! Kids

Boy or Girl? 15 Creative and Meaningful Gender Reveal Ideas

Learning the gender of your baby is a very exciting step for soon-to-be parents, as it is for their family and friends. Gender reveals have …

40 Peloton Quotes to Motivate and Inspire You | Whether you own a Peloton bike or treadmill, or workout via the app, it's an all-in-one option for at home workouts. From indoor cycling and treadmill workouts, to strength training and core workouts, to yoga, pilates, barre, and stretching, there are tons of options, and we've compiled our favorite Peloton instructor quotes from Jess Sims, Cody Rigsby, Alex Toussaint, Robin Arzon, Ally Love, Kendall Toole, and more! Fitness

40 Peloton Quotes to Motivate and Inspire You Everyday!

If you’re looking for a little workout motivation, these Peloton quotes are exactly what you need! When I first bought my Peloton bike, I was …

7 Sexy Shoulder Workouts for Women | If you want to get tight, toned, and sculpted shoulders, these workouts are for you! Perfect for an at home workout or for the gym, we've included a mix of no equipment workouts, as well as dumbbell workouts for beginners and beyond. Add these shoulder exercises to your daily workout routine to increase your upper body strength, reduce your risk of injury, and to get tank top arms your friends will be jealous of! At-Home Workouts

Tighten & Tone: 7 Sexy Shoulder Workouts for Women

Strong shoulders are key to sculpted arms and an overall fit look. Plus, they’re essential for upper body strength and the ability to do everyday …

12 Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens | If you're looking for fun yet cool birthday party ideas for your tween girl or boy, this post has tons of inspiration! Whether you're hosting an at home party in spring, summer, fall, or winter, there are lots of themes you can pick from, and having awesome food and age-appropriate games and activities everyone can enjoy inside and outside will help keep everyone entertained and happy - especially if they are at your house for a sleepover! Family

12 Fun and Meaningful Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens

If you’re looking for birthday party ideas for tweens, this post has lots of ideas to inspire you! While your little one may have been …

60 Low Calorie Mousse Recipes | If you're looking for easy and healthy desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth without sabotaging your weight loss goals, these healthy mousse recipes are a great option. We've included tips to help you make the perfect mousse, including healthy aerator options and refined sugar and dairy substitutes, and we've also curated the best chocolate, peanut butter, and fruit mousse recipes to try. And yes, we included mousse recipes for one too! Desserts

60 Decadent Low Calorie Mousse Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Light, decadent and fluffy, mousse is what dessert lover’s dreams are made of. When you’re full from dinner, but still want something sweet, a small …