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5 Step by Step Natural Eye Shadow Looks | If you're looking for a simple makeup look you can wear on the daily and prefer something a little more subtle and natural, these 'no makeup makeup' tips, products, videos, and tutorials are for you! Learn the best eyeshadow palettes and shades, how to apply eyeshadow to make it look more natural, and more! Perfect for blue, green, and brown eyes, blondes and brunettes, dark and light skin! #naturaleyeshadowlooks #naturaleyeshadow #daytimemakeup Beauty

5 Step by Step Natural Eye Shadow Looks for All Eye Colours

The thought of applying eyeshadow can be intimidating, especially if you don’t wear a lot of makeup to begin with. With different techniques, from cut …

How to Limit Screen Time for Kids | Limiting screen time sounds easy in theory, but it can be much more difficult to implement for parents, especially if you have tweens or teenagers! If you're trying to enforce rules around your child's screen time, and want to know the effects of screen time, how much is too much, along with digital detox tips, we're sharing 7 practical strategies to get your kids to spend less time on their electronic devices. #screentime #kidsandscreens #digitaldetox Family

How to Limit Screen Time for Kids: 7 Effective Tips for Parents

Screen time and kids can be a touchy subject among parents. Numerous studies have been published on the subject and everyone seems to have their …

30 Quinoa Flour Recipes | If you're looking for clean eating recipes that are gluten-free and a good source of plant-based protein, quinoa flour is a healthy wheat alternative to try. From breakfast recipes, like pancakes and waffles, to gluten-free pizza crusts and breads, to guilt-free desserts, like cookies, muffins, and brownies, we're sharing 30 of our favorite quinoa flour recipes for weight loss and maintenance! #quinoa #quinoaflour #glutenfreerecipes #plantbasedprotein Breakfast

Clean Eating Made Delicious: 30 Quinoa Flour Recipes to Try

With growing food sensitivities and intolerances in the Western world, it’s no surprise that certain food alternatives have made their way into our diets. From …

11 Pelvic Organ Prolapse Treatments and Exercises | If you suffer from pelvic floor prolapse and dysfunction due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or age, and you're looking tips to help you strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor muscles, this post has all the facts, natural treatment options, stretches, and exercises you need. From knowing the symptoms, to figuring out how to repair prolapse without surgery, this is a must read for women! #pelvicfloor #prolapse #pelvicfloorexercises General Health

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: 11 Treatments and Exercises that Help

If you suffer from pelvic organ prolapse due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and/or age, and you’re looking for treatment options to help strengthen your pelvic …

Hashimoto’s Disease Diet | If you're an autoimmune warrior looking for a food plan to help an under-active thyroid, you've probably heard all kinds of conflicting info. Should you go gluten free? Paleo? Vegetarian? Vegan? While natural remedies for thyroid are not meant to replace medication, they can work in tandem to keep your symptoms under control and making losing weight easier. We're sharing 10 foods to eat and avoid if you have Hashimoto's! #hashimotos #hashimotosdisease #thyroiddiet Health

Hashimoto’s Disease Diet: 10 Foods to Eat and Avoid

The right diet is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true when you’ve been diagnosed with a health condition, such as …

8 Social Filter Activities for Kids | If you're looking for social skills activities that help teach children how to filter their thoughts and learn whether they should think it or say it out loud, we're sharing 8 ideas that can be used for elementary school, for middle school, for high school, and for kids with special needs like autism and ADHD. These are great team building exercises and will help develop friendship and conversation skills. #socialskills #socialfilter #socialskillsactivities ADHD

Think It Or Say It Out Loud: 8 Social Filter Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for social filter activities for kids, as well as practical tips to help you learn how to teach social skills to children …