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How to Get Kids to Wear a Face Mask | There are so many templates, patterns, and DIY tutorials to teach you how to make face masks for kids - some without sewing! - but many parents are struggling to figure out how to get kids to wear masks once they have them. In an age of social distancing, face masks are often a requirement, which can be a nightmare for children, especially those with sensory processing disorder and challenges. Check out our tips to get kids comfortable with face masks! Family

How to Get Kids to Wear a Face Mask: 8 Tips for Parents

If you’re trying to figure out how to get kids to wear a face mask, you’re not alone. I see so many templates, patterns, and …

25 Filling Make Ahead Snacks for Work | If you're looking for healthy snacks you can take to work to help you stick to your weight loss goals, these easy clean eating ideas will not disappoint! You can meal prep these to freeze and then use them as needed throughout the week, and they double as the perfect traveling snacks for business trips, for camping with kids, and everything in between. High in protein, low in carbs, with a dash of health fats, these snacks are so tasty! Health

Weight Loss On The Go: 25 Filling Make Ahead Snacks for Work

Being busy has become a societal norm. People are putting their wellness last, juggling everything from work to kids, to extra curricular activities, fitness, cooking …

Makeup for Fair Skin and Freckles | If you're looking for tips on how to apply makeup for freckled skin, we've got you covered! With 14 application tips, products, videos, and step by step tutorials, we're sharing the best ideas for blondes and red heads with light skin tones. From the best foundation recos to enhance or hide freckles, to eye makeup ideas for fair skinned gals with green or blue eyes, to makeup tips to hide redness and blotchiness, don't miss these simple tricks and hacks! Beauty

Makeup for Fair Skin and Freckles: 14 Tips and Tutorials

Freckles are beautiful, but they can make makeup application rather confusing. If you have fair skin and freckles, you have a number of options, whether …

Endometriosis Diet for Beginners | If you suffer from endometriosis and you're interested in making lifestyle changes to help manage your pain and other symptoms, following an Endo Diet is one of the more common natural treatments women turn to. We're sharing all the facts - what is endometriosis, what causes endometriosis, the signs and symptoms - plus a grocery list of items to eat (and avoid) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Food

Endometriosis Diet for Beginners: What to Eat and What to Avoid

Endometriosis is a common gynaecological condition that is often painful. Symptoms can range from mild to serious, and can include excessive menstrual cramps, bleeding between …

24 Hidden Veggie Recipes for Kids | If you're looking for healthy recipes for kids who are picky eaters and refuse to eat vegetables, we're sharing the best of the best! With tons of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert, you'll learn simple and creative ways to hide vegetables in your cooking and baking! Clean eating for families with kids has never been easier or tasted so good! Family

How to Deal with Picky Eaters: 24 Hidden Veggie Recipes for Kids

Getting kids to eat their vegetables can be challenging on a good day, and when you add in food allergies and sensitivities, aversions to certain …

9 Recovery Day Workout Ideas | If you're looking for active recovery workouts for days you're dealing with muscle soreness from strength training or body fatigue from running and high intensity interval training workouts, we're sharing 9 exercises you can do at home - and at the gym - to help your body rest and repair. Active recovery days are an essential part of any training program - even CrossFit! It allows your body to repair itself, and also improves your energy, performance, and stamina. Fitness

How to Have an Active Rest Day: 9 Recovery Day Workout Ideas

Running, lifting weights and high intensity training are all an important part of getting healthy and strong. However, doing high impact exercises everyday isn’t great …