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18 Step-By-Step Crochet Tutorials For Beginners | If you're looking for beginner crochet projects, this post is for you! We're sharing everything you need to get started, including crochet essentials and step-by-step video tutorials to teach you how to make simple items like blankets, scarves, and baskets, as well as simple animal patterns. Learning how to crochet is easy with these crochet projects, and we've included ideas for kids to boot! Family

18 Step-By-Step Crochet Tutorials For Beginners And Beyond

If you want to learn how to crochet, this post is for you! We’re sharing everything you need, including essential supplies, step-by-step tutorials to teach …

20 Chicory Coffee Recipes | Trying to cut back on your caffeine intake but still need a boost? These chicory coffee recipe ideas are for you! Chicory root offers so many health benefits. It's good for gut health, boosts immunity, offers natural constipation relief, and can help with weight loss to boot. From an easy chicory vanilla latte, to bulletproof chicory coffee, to dandelion and chicory chai, to spiked iced chicory, to cold brew chicory coffee, these drinks will kickstart your day! Beverages

Rise and Slay! 20 Chicory Coffee Recipes to Jumpstart Your Day

Sitting down with a morning cup of coffee is an essential part of any good morning routine. It gets you prepped for the day ahead …

13 Pencil Shaving Art Projects | If you're looking for craft ideas you can do on your own or with kids, pencil shaving art is perfect for both beginner and advanced artists. Recycled crafts are cheap and fit for any budget, and many of these can be turned into greeting cards and homemade gifts for family and friends. And if drawing isn't one of your skills, you can use printable coloring pages! From flowers and fish, to peacocks and a dancing princesses, these upcycling art ideas are beautiful! Family

Creative Crafting: 13 Pencil Shaving Art Projects We Love

If you’re looking for unique crafts to help you relax and unwind, these pencil shaving art projects will inspire you! Whether you’re crafting on your …

25 Cucumber Juice Recipes To Boost Your Health | If you've been reading about all of the health benefits of cucumber juice, and you want to know how to make it at home, this post is for you! Cucumber juice is great for weight loss, for skin health, and bone health, and it's a good natural hangover remedy to boot! From strawberry apple, to watermelon lime, to spinach cucumber, to apple carrot ginger and more, these juicing recipes are hydrating and delicious! Beverages

Drink Your Greens: 25 Cucumber Juice Recipes To Boost Your Health

It’s time to add a new juice to your rotation. Cucumber juice is the newest juice trend due to its refreshing taste and long list …

30 Summer Salads for Weight Loss | If you're looking for easy and filling summer salad recipes that will help with your weight loss goals, we're curated the best of the best! Made with fresh ingredients, these healthy ideas are perfect for BBQ get togethers, and you can easily increase the size of the recipes for a crowd. We've included tons of ideas, from keto to vegan, cold to warm, pasta to fruit, and they make great leftovers and packable lunches! Food

Clean and Green: 30 Summer Salads For Weight Loss

If you’re looking for easy and filling summer salad recipes that will help with your weight loss goals, we’re curated the best of the best! …

How to Reduce Stress Naturally | If you're looking for tips and ways to reduce your stress levels, this post has tons of practical ideas you can implement today! While yoga, deep breathing exercises, journalling, and meditation are common stress reducers, there are lots of other effective ways to destress at home. From calming foods and exercise to essential oils and sleep, these stress relieving activities offer natural ways to relieve stress, reduce tension, and combat anxiety fast! General Health

How to Reduce Stress Naturally: 13 Tips and Hacks

Stress is a natural and common feeling that affects everyone at some point in their life. Stemming from any event or thought that makes you …