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How to Gain Muscle | Designed for women, we're sharing the Dos and Don'ts about bodybuilding and weightlifting to tighten and tone your arms, abs, legs, glutes, and core. From the best high protein muscle building foods, to our favorite full body workouts you can do at home, these tips are great for women who want to lose weight and lose fat. Boost your metabolism with these muscle building workouts and diet tips! #workoutsforwomen #howtobuildmuscle #gainmuscle At-Home Workouts

How to Gain Muscle: 10 Workouts and Muscle-Building Foods for Women

Gaining muscle is super important for women, especially as we get older. Not only does muscle gain help you grow stronger, it boosts your metabolism, …

How to Make Hair Look Thicker | If you have fine hair and want to know how to make it look thicker and fuller on a budget, these tips and tricks for thin hair are for you! From choosing the right haircuts and hairstyles, to adding depth and dimension with color and hair extensions, to the best store bought hair thickening products and styling hacks, these ideas and remedies will teach you how to make your hair look fuller instantly! #finehair #thinhair #hairtrend #hairhacks Beauty

How to Make Hair Look Thicker: 15 Tips and Products That Work

Born with fine hair? Although you may feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand in the hair department, there are plenty of ways to …

22 Snow Day Activities for Kids | If you're looking for fun and easy activities for toddlers, for preschoolers and kindergarteners, or for kids in elementary school that will get them physically moving while also keeping their brains busy when cabin fever strikes, this is a great list of things to do! From indoor activities designed to burn energy, to independent art projects that will allow you a little time to decompress, these are great boredom busters! #snowday #snowdayactivities #boredkids Family

22 Indoor Snow Day Activities for Kids to Keep Your Children Entertained

If you’re looking for snow day activities for kids, you’ve come to the right place! With the weather getting colder by the day, it’s hard …

30-Day Challenge Ideas to Try This Year | Whether you want to work on your health, fitness, and clean eating goals, need motivation to tackle important projects at work or school, want to save money for something fun, or you’re looking for a plan to improve your relationships and self-care routine, try this! 30-day challenges are a great way to improve your life, one habit at a time. #30daychallenge #goalsetting #newyearsresolutions General Health

Commit to Change: 30-Day Challenge Ideas to Try This Year

With 2020 looming in the not-so-distant future, I’ve been thinking a lot about 30-day challenge ideas and how I can use them to help me …

21 Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes | If you’re looking for beautiful sayings and daily affirmations to improve your body image and help you develop healthy and happy thoughts about yourself and your life, this post is for you! Whether you commit these to memory, write them on a chalkboard, or tattoo them on your body, these mantras will remind you that all bodies are created equal. #bodypositivity #selflove #inspirationalquotes General Health

Learn to Love Your Body: 21 Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

If you feel insecure about the shape, size, and/or weight of your body, this collection of body image tips and body positivity quotes will help …

42 Homemade Granola Bars We Love | If you’re looking for a healthy snack you can whip up at home, these granola bar recipes are where it’s at! We’ve curated options for every palette and need - nut free options for kids, quick and easy no bake recipes, chewy granola bars, protein rich peanut butter bars, and simple guilt-free no sugar recipes. And if you want to know how to make granola bars so they stick together, we’ve got 6 tips to help! #granolabars #granolabarrecipes Breakfast

Homemade Granola Bars: 42 Granola Bar Recipes We Love

Homemade granola bars are amazing for so many reasons. They’re a healthy option you can enjoy for breakfast or a midday snack, and they’re incredibly …