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7 Shoulder and Back Workouts for Women | Whether you're training at home with no equipment, or lifting weights at the gym, working your shoulders and back helps increase range of motion, prevent injury, improve posture, and enhance strength and performance. And sculpted shoulders are sexy, too! If you're looking for shoulder workouts and/or back workouts for women to tighten, tone, and get rid of back fat, grab your dumbbells and give these a try! We've included no equipment options too! At-Home Workouts

Sexy and Sculpted: 7 Shoulder and Back Workouts for Women

Shoulder and back workouts are essential if you want to lose weight and tone up. Not only are they great for aesthetic purposes, they also …

16 Sidewalk Chalk Art Activities | If you're looking for simple ways to keep your kids entertained outside, sidewalk chalk is where it's at! From decorating driveways, to creating sidewalk birthday messages, to making mosaic designs on a fence, we've curated cute and easy ideas for toddlers, creative drawings for kids, and cool ideas for teens! Perfect for spring, summer, and fall, these sidewalk chalk art projects are the perfect way to add a little positive energy to your home! Family

16 Sidewalk Chalk Activities and Obstacle Courses for Kids

I was first inspired to curate a list of sidewalk chalk activities for kids about 10 days into the 2020 pandemic when an old colleague …

60 Superfood Recipes for Every Meal | If you're looking for healthy ways to upgrade your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts with good for your ingredients like dark leafy greens, berries, nuts, seeds, salmon, and avocado, we've curated the best of the best! These clean eating recipes are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and since they're also low in calories, they're good for weight loss and for fat burning too! Desserts

Clean Eating 101: 60 Superfood Recipes for Every Meal

Fuelling yourself with the right foods is key to feeling good mentally and physically throughout the day. If you’re not yet acquainted with superfoods, get …

Virtual Team Building Activities and Games | Working from home has its perks, but personal connections, company morale, and group productivity can suffer when working remotely. If you're looking for ice breakers and team building activities for coworkers you can use to keep your team members engaged, these fun games and challenges will inspire you! If you want to know how to build a positive team culture with your employees, these ideas are perfect! Productivity

12 Virtual Team Building Activities and Games to Boost Morale

With no commute, less pressure to wear a full face of makeup and formal office attire, and fewer distractions, working from home definitely has its …

10 Morning Workout Motivation Tips | If you're looking for a little inspiration to help you get up early and get in a good sweat sesh to kickstart your day, we're sharing our best morning motivation tips to help! Whether it's a gloomy Monday or a lazy Saturday, these morning motivation tips will help you create daily routines to increase your energy, boost your metabolism, feel happier, sleep better, and lose weight fast! If you want to know how to get up early and workout, these ideas work! Anxiety

No Excuses! 10 Morning Workout Motivation Tips to Get You Out of Bed

Working out in the morning comes with countless benefits, from boosting your mood and energy levels to creating better sleep habits. The only downside? Waking …

8 Size of the Problem Activities for Kids | Inspired by the Social Thinking and Zones of Regulation curriculums, these games and activities teach children to identify whether a problem is small, medium, or big, as well as what is and is not an appropriate reaction to each. With visual tools, posters for class bulletin boards, scenario cards, worksheets, coloring pages, Google slides, boom cards, and puzzles, this collection of activities has it all - even Size of the Problem BINGO! Autism

Problem Solving 101: 8 Size of the Problem Activities for Kids

If your child has a tendency to overreact to the problems he or she faces each day, these size of the problem activities for kids …