If I had one day to myself, I would…


Last week, as I was catching up on my favorite blogs, I came across this post by my friend One Funny Motha, where she shared what it was like to be alone for an entire weekend.

An entire LONG weekend, I might add.

After I squashed down my feelings of jealousy (I do, after all, like her, and I’m pretty sure she needs a break more than I do), I started daydreaming what it would be like to be alone within these 4 walls for 3 full days.

Thirty seconds later, I realized the only way that would ever occur is if something really, really horrible happened, so I pushed the thought from my mind and started preparing dinner while simultaneously trying to fold laundry, talk to my Mom on the phone, and shrug The Kid off my legs.

After I’d cleaned dinner off the floor, safely stowed away all peg puzzles and lego pieces for the night, wrangled The Kid into her crib, and guzzled half a bottle of wine, I realized this craziness won’t last forever. There will be a day when everyone is off doing their own thing and I’ll be able to release my grip on the hand sanitizer and vacuum long enough to steal a few hours away by myself.

And what would I do?

A couple of years ago, I would’ve had all kinds of things lined up: lunches, coffee dates, mall visits, girls’ nights out. But now I crave nothing more than a couple of hours that I can spend on ME without feeling like I’m shortchanging someone else (or worrying whether my child’s bum has been wiped properly).

So if I had to come up with a list of the things I’d do if I had one day to myself, here’s what it would include:

Turns out I’m not the materialistic person I once was.

Okay, maybe I am…

What would YOU do if you had a day to yourself?

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