When I left my corporate marketing job to become a SAHM, I was grossly unprepared for how difficult it would be.

The sleep deprivation, the loneliness, the changes to my body, my inability to find the time to shower, let alone put on make-up…

But rather than wallowing in self-pity, I decided to create a place where I can share tips and tricks about the things I’m passionate about in hopes I can help make someone else’s hectic life a little easier. It keeps me from opening the wine at 9 am.


Dani Ryan illustration (about me page)

I grew up in South East Asia (Singapore, to be exact), I like to talk like Oprah (“you’re eating blueberries, I’m eating blueberries, WE’RE ALL EATING BLUEBERRIES!”), I haven’t had a caffeinated beverage in over 5 years, I have an unhealthy love for clothes and make-up, I’m a horrible cook, my daughter hates doing crafts, and I like to embarrass myself.

A lot.

Like the time I fell off a treadmill twice in 5 minutes.

Or the time I almost collapsed during a (really) important presentation at work.

And let’s not forget about the time my in-laws saw me naked.

I still haven’t recovered from that last one.

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