50 things I loved about summer as a kid


About a month ago, we started having these 2-3 days stints where the weather was absolutely beautiful.

Okay, “absolutely beautiful” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was warm enough that I didn’t have to contend with trying to wrangle my 2-year-old into her thick coat, hat, mitts, and boots, so it was absolutely beautiful to me.

Of course, every time the temperature crept above the 50-degree mark, I convinced myself summer had arrived (funny how much warmer 50 degrees feels in the Spring versus the Fall), and immediately started packing away my frumpy turtle neck sweaters and those god-awful riding boots I thought looked so cute on me back in November.

But then Winter would rear its ugly head again, and everyone within a 50-mile radius could hear me swearing as I lugged all of that Winter crap back up from our storage locker.

And then it happened.

We had 5 straight days of sunny, gorgeous weather.

So I sat down and starting writing a list of all the things I loved about summer when I was a kid, in excited anticipation of re-experiencing them with my own child, and I came to realize something: I’ll never grow too old to love any of this stuff.


Except maybe the swings. I need a Dramamine to get on one of those these days.

Here are the top 50 things I loved about summer as a kid…

1. Barbecues

2. Those cheesy, dangerous fairs they had in the parking lot of our local mall

3. Trips to the park

4. Popsicles

5. Finally kicking my winter cough

6. The smell of freshly cut grass

7. Gin and tonics on the deck <<– They put my mother in a better mood

8. Summer vacation

9. Fireworks

10. The feeling of warm sand on my bare feet

11. Building sand castles

12. Butterscotch ripple ice cream cones at my Grandma’s house

13. Running through the sprinkler

14. Afternoons at the pool

15. Roasting marshmallows

16. Coke flavored slurpees from 7-Eleven <<– Do they still sell these?

17. Drive-in movies

18. Weekends at the beach

19. The smell of clothes after they’ve been hung out to dry in the afternoon sun

20. Skipping rope <<– I was awesome at double dutch

21. Trips to the zoo

22. Fresh strawberries with sugar sprinkled on top

23. Bike rides with my Dad

24. Driving in my Mom’s Firebird with the t roof off

25. Lemonade stands at the end of our driveway

26. Hopscotch

27. Water balloon fights

28. Pool parties

29. Camping trips <<– KIDDING!

30. Drawing all over the driveway with chalk

31. Ice cream trucks

32. Catching bugs and putting them in old jam jars

33. Dandelion bouquets

34. The sound and feel of oscillating fans at the foot of my bed <<– Thank god for air conditioning

35. Water parks

36. Searching for sea shells at the beach

37. Roasting marshmallows

38. Corn on the cob

39. Jelly shoes <<– If they made them in my size, I’d still wear them

40. Bubbles

41. The shock of cold when my mother put aloe vera on my back after a day in the sun

42. Bon fires

43. July 4th

44. Water fights while washing the car

45. The smell (and look) of calamine lotion on my too-burnt nose

46. Merry-go-rounds

47. Feeding the ducks at the park

48. Candy apples

49. Long weekends

50. Longer days (and later bedtimes)

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