10 things I absolutely, positively cannot live without


If you asked me 3 years ago to give you a list of things I couldn’t live without, I would’ve rhymed off the names of several over-priced hair products, facial creams, and make-up lines, important people like my hair stylist and manicurist, my favorite clothing and shoe stores, and important brand names, like Coach, Apple, and Kate Spade.

But those days are over, my friends.

I barely have time to pee by myself anymore, let alone make myself look nice.

And forget about looking sexy.

And if my former self caught a glimpse of this list of 10 things I absolutely, positively cannot live without, she would be so very disappointed in me.

10 things I cannot live without

1. Hand sanitizer. I hope I never have to live in a world where this is not readily available.

2. Wine. My husband would argue this should be number 1 on my list. He’s silly that way.

3. Hair straightener. I’ve tried going au natural, but it’s not pretty. Just ask my husband.

4. Foundation. I wouldn’t want one of my daughter’s friends to slip and fall into one of my pores.

5. My iPhone. How did people parent without these back in the day?

6. Dora The Explorer. As annoying and demanding as she is, she has gotten me through a lot of long days.

7. My daughter’s iPad. I’d say “our iPad”, but we all know that would be a big, fat lie.

8. Dry-cleaners. I may be able to iron a man’s shirt in less than 5 minutes, but I hope I never have to iron one again in this lifetime.

9. Low fat granola. Some people can’t live without chocolate. I can’t live without cereal raisins.

10. Moisturizer. When you use as much hand sanitizer as I do, this becomes a necessity and not a luxury.

What things are YOU unable to live without?

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